The Business Killing Purple Haze Of Boredom

People are bored.  At least most of them seem that way to me.

All despite the fact there is more entertainment available to consume than in any other time in human history. 

I’ll give you a couple of examples from my personal life.  Let’s take a concept so terrible it must have been forged in the pits of Hell by pitch fork wielding Satan himself.

I’m referring to that bane of my existence – the Home Owner’s Association. HOA for short.

In theory an HOA should be a good thing.  A group of home owners looking out for the overall good and health of the community everyone is so highly invested in. 

But in reality (at least in the case of the one which rules over MY life like an iron fist) it’s more like a junior high school club of nerds who finally have a small taste of the power they have always craved.

And now they are going to use that power to make the lives of the “cool kids” they hate incredibly miserable.  

Now, those who “run for office” to be on the HOA boards tend to be like said at the beginning of my long-winded tirade… BORED. 

Why else would they spend night and day thinking up ways to make their fellow neighbors HATE THEIR LIVING GUTS???  

Again in my community, they gather together in packs and walk up and down our streets with notebooks and pens jotting down various horrendous “infractions”.

Unforgivable sins like having weeds popping up every few days during rain season (which in the case of Florida is half the year with torrential downpours every single afternoon in addition to occasional tropical storm or hurricane). 

Oh the humanity!!!  God forbid an unintentional piece of grass pops up in my otherwise perfectly kept front flower bed!!!

Gee, that must be worth sending a threatening letter FROM AN ATTORNEY over!!! 

But back to my point.  These people are obviously BORED out of their minds – literally.

The Mail and Garbage Stalker 

Then there’s my neighbor “Tom” (not his real name for obvious reasons). 

Well, Tom is a nice guy. But, you guessed it… BORED. 

How bored?  It seems that he spends most of his day looking out the window waiting for some poor unsuspecting soul (usually me) to either check their mail or take their garbage out to the dumpster. Both you see are right across from his townhome.

As soon as Tom spots you… IT’S ON. He’s out his door and right in your face in what seems like seconds.

Now, personally I like Tom.  But I’ve got things to do and don’t have the patience to stand around shooting the poop half the day.

Cause here’s the thing… I’m NOT bored.

I’m an entrepreneur like I’m sure YOU are.  Folks like us have GOALS. things we are working hard at accomplishing and yearn for more time rather than trying to fill it with meaningless conversation.

Most people are not like us though.

We are the exception to the rule which is why it is CRTICAL to our success to remember the fact that the average person – even our customers and clients – are bored to tears with their lives.

So, what’s the lesson in this?  If you want to be as successful as possible in your business…


As an entrepreneur your advertising, marketing and overall business building strategy can’t afford to be boring. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to dress up like a clown, hire an over the hill heavy metal band or beat your customers over the head with annoying slogans and jingles.

Nope, what it DOES mean is to always talk to your current or potential customers about what is important to them.  

Robert Collier in his fantastic “Robert Collier Letter Book” called it joining the conversation already going on in your customer’s head. 

It means speaking directly to where their pain points are. To what’s keeping them up at night. Desperate problems they need to have solved or something they are passionate about like a hobby. 

The bottom line is if you can talk to your target market about things they care about, then you will win the opportunity to try to convert them into a buyer and ultimately a long-term customer.

Another way to NOT be boring is to use exciting language, metaphors, analogies and anything else that grabs and keeps attention. 

A surefire way to do this is to TELL STORIES.  We all love stories. It’s just something deep in the human psyche that probably goes back to sitting around the camp fires when we were still cave men.

This was how people entertained themselves. How they passed down traditions. 

We are literally HARD WIRED to pay attention to stories,

Find ways to wake your target audience up out of the almost zombie like state they are walking around in, eyes glued to their smart device oblivious to what’s going on around them.

Including the hundred of marketing messages they SEE, HEAR and IGNORE every single day.

This provides a GIANT opportunity for you!!! If you are smart enough to get to know your market.

Find out what’s truly important to them. Know for sure where it hurts and what gives them pleasure. What they are secretly yearning for in their lives. 

If you can unlock that key, then they WILL NOT be bored by you and your sales message. 

Make this your #1 goal and I am confident success will follow.

A Little About Me…

Robert Sean PAscoe in Office 3300

My name is Robert and I’ve been involved in sales, advertising, online marketing and copywriting for most of my life.

As early as I can remember I was helping my dad in his small retail store. Learning how to serve customers and hit those emotional hot buttons which encouraged them to buy.

Later on, I started a mail-order business as a teenager where I wrote my very first advertisements.

This was when I first discovered the power of WORDS and how a well-written sales letter or print ad could lead to immediate cash flow.

In the early 2000’s my entrepreneurial spirit led me to be involved with various start-up businesses. In these businesses, I was in charge of advertising, marketing and business development.

Once again, I was blown away with how my writing could generate sales.

This time though it was MILLIONS of dollars in revenue.

The success I had in this and other business ventures led me to fall in love with this thing called copywriting.

Now, I am a full-time freelance copywriter specializing in direct response copywriting with sub-specialties in writing Sales Letters/Online Sales Pages, Landing Pages, Facebook Ad Copy, Emails, and Advertorials.

I am confident that my copywriting has the power to grow your business.

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