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An (Almost) Perfect 3 Step Copywriting Formula

Is there really a PERFECT copywriting formula? Well, I think this one is as close to it as possible. It’s also pretty darn simple. So, what is this almost perfect copywriting formula? Well, it breaks down to just 3 quick and easy-to-remember steps: Tell a Painful Story That Resonates With Your Target Prospect Explain How […]

Copywriting Lessons From A Galaxy Far Far Away

I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan.  Well, of the original trilogy anyways. Over the years I’ve probably seen George Lucas’s first three classics from the late 70’s and early 80’s at least one hundred times each. In fact, 1980’s Empire Strikes Back was the first movie I actually saw live in the theater.  I was […]

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Master Direct Response Copywriting

Being an entrepreneur is tough.  But it’s also EXTREMELY rewarding. In my opinion, entrepreneurs are the true unsung heroes of the world. Titans of the free market. Champions of capitalism. The lifeblood of the economy.  But we are also seldom given the credit we deserve. In fact, entrepreneurs are often demonized for being “greedy” or self-absorbed or […]

How to Keep Your Copy Flowing So Your Audience Keeps Reading

Now, this is something VERY important that you might not see covered very often in most copywriting books and courses. Why? Well, it might not seem like the “Sexiest” subject in the world… … but whether you are writing a blog post, direct mail letter or online sales page, it’s SO important to keep your […]

The Secret of the Slippery Slide in Advertising

  Imagine you’ve done all the hard work of researching your market and product. You’ve developed a great theme to be the “BIG IDEA” of your sales message and a KILLER HEADLINE has been decided on to get the attention of your perfect prospect. But what’s going to keep them reading?  If for some reason […]

3 Common Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making RIGHT NOW

Is your sales copy converting as well as you need?  If not, it may be due to making one of the common copywriting mistakes I’m going to cover in this article. Now, I know you’re working your rear off to build your business and trying to be as successful as possible. And there is SO […]