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If you’re searching for a freelance copywriter you can depend on to write powerful copy that leads to more sales and increased profits then here’s why you should contact me RIGHT NOW…

First of all, I’m THRILLED you’ve decided to check out my website to learn more about me and my high-impact copywriting services. 

For the last several years, I’ve worked full time as a freelance copywriter writing killer online sales pages, direct mail sales letters, advertorials, VSL’s and email campaigns for a special group of small business owners and I would LOVE to add you to my list of satisfied clients.

Now, no one likes to hear someone boast (especially me!) so I’ll make this whole self-aggrandizing things short, but I do need to assure you that I’ve had LOTS of success in working with clients all over the world in an incredibly diverse array of markets and niches. That’s why I’m EXTREMELY confident…

I Can Deliver Explosive Levels Of Success For Anyone Who Invests In Hiring Me As Their Freelance Copywriter 

Does that sound arrogant? I could see how it might wrongly appear that way, but it’s actually all about having a tested and proven system I rely on to write copy for my clients that I follow like Gospel.  

This system I follow was created by closely studying some of the most successful and highest paid copywriters in the world and modeling what has worked for them. 

Honestly, earlier in my career I spent thousands of dollars to learn from the best of the best and to be able to then adapt what they taught me to my business. 

Then there were YEARS of learning through trial and error what worked in the “real world”. 

Now, I can say with total confidence I know what to write to get you the sales you need.

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