3 Email Copywriting Secrets that will FREAK OUT Your Competition

a scary evil clown wearing a dirty costume, holding a red balloon in his hand, in the woods

“Who let the clowns out?” I remember mumbling to myself, half-chuckling, half-genuinely spooked as I swiped through the morning news on my tablet back in 2016.

It was a riot of colors on the screen. Psychedelic wigs, traffic-cone red noses, exaggerated smiles plastered over ghostly white faces, and shoes that looked like they could host a family of squirrels.

These weren’t the delightful jokers from a Sunday afternoon circus, though.

Oh no, these clowns were off the beaten path, lurking in the eerie backroads of South Carolina, the lonesome parks in California, and even making star-studded appearances in cities across Australia.

The sightings were as varied as the reactions they induced.

Some clowns seemed straight out of a Stephen King novel, instilling fear with their silent, sinister appearances under dim street lights.

Others sparked intrigue, captured mid-performance, juggling or just standing there with a wave and a creepy smile.

And then there were the ones that raised more questions than answers, perched atop city buildings or sighted speeding away in clown cars.

But were these sightings genuine? Well, that’s where the plot thickens.

Some were undeniably hoaxes, like the two tech students in Virginia who were trying to create a social media frenzy. And they did.

Others were marketing gimmicks, like the one in Wisconsin that turned out to be a promotion for a low-budget horror movie.

But then, there were those sightings that no one could quite explain away. Those accounts were a little too detailed, the fear in the witnesses a bit too palpable, and their stories a smidgen too consistent.

Regardless of their origin, these rogue jesters had something in common – they stirred a cauldron of emotions.

Fear, curiosity, intrigue, even amusement – the world watched, reacted, and engaged. You might even say these clowns had a knack for showmanship, or dare I say, a touch of marketing genius.

Speaking of marketing genius, let’s tiptoe away from our clown-filled streets and creep into the world of persuasive emails. See, just as those clowns captivated an audience, so too can a well-crafted email command attention.

If you’re wondering how just stick around for this rollercoaster ride.

1. The Element of Surprise: It’s a Clown!

One of the primary reasons behind the viral spread of the Clown Panic was the sheer surprise of it. I mean, who expects to find a garishly painted face peering out from the woods when you’re out walking your dog?

Much like these bizarre encounters, the art of persuasive email writing thrives on unexpected twists and turns. Imagine opening an email with the subject line: “Why our CEO spent the night in jail.” Now, that will make your reader’s eyebrows jump higher than a startled cat. And once you have their attention, you’re in the game!

Consider it the open-mouth effect. They’re so surprised; they just have to open it, just as folks just had to talk about those clowns.

2. Stirring Emotions: Fear and Curiosity

The Clown Panic was not merely a viral internet sensation; it played with our emotions. There was fear, of course, and a dash of curiosity, not to mention the overall confusion.  It was a cocktail of emotions, as mixed up and brilliant as a clown’s attire.

In persuasive email writing, understanding and appealing to your reader’s emotions is paramount. You might choose to address a pain point that makes them wince, offer a solution that offers relief, or spark curiosity with an unusual product feature.

It’s about connecting at a visceral level, much like the unexpected sight of a clown connects with our childhood fears or memories.

3. Creating a Buzz: Word of Mouth

The Clown Panic spread faster than a running nose in winter, primarily because people were talking about it. Some shared their sightings, others their theories, while a few just loved a good horror story.

In your emails, inspire your readers to become your unofficial brand ambassadors.

Create content so good that they can’t help but share it.  Maybe it’s a fantastic deal, a heartwarming story about your business, or a brilliant how-to guide.

When your email is more than just an email, people will talk, and your reach will grow. It’s not about unleashing a horde of clowns, but it’s about creating an email so engaging, your audience just can’t keep it to themselves.

Crafting Emails That Command Attention

Writing persuasive emails might not be as adrenaline-pumping as a global clown invasion, but it’s equally thrilling. It’s about experimenting with words, understanding human psychology, and creating a bond with your reader.

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