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Direct Response Copywriter

Direct Response Copywriter Robert Sean Pascoe in his Office (Coffee ALWAYS in Hand)

Dear Friend,

If you are a coach, course creator or information publisher looking for a freelance direct response copywriter...

With the skills to write KILLER SALES COPY that delivers the RESULTS you need, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE. 

My name is Robert and for the past seven years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs just like you rapidly and dramatically increase their sales.

Many have even doubled or tripled their profits using my sales copy. 

Now, no one can promise those kinds of results. 

But if you have a good offer and know your market, then I am confident that my copywriting can make a HUGE difference in your sales success. 

What kind of difference?

Well, for many it means the difference between experiencing REAL SUCCESS and struggling to merely get by. 

I’ll tell you more in just a moment. But first…

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve got a GREAT product or service but aren't getting the sales you need…

  •  You’ve tried writing your sales copy yourself, but you HATE the process...

  •  You’ve hired other copywriters but they didn’t understand how to speak to your customers …

  •  You’re launching a new product or service and are pulling your hair out figuring out the best way to sell it...

If You Answered "YES" To Any Of Those Questions You Are In Good Company

The truth is that copywriting is not easy

Neither is marketing your business or figuring out all the moving parts it takes to be successful online or off.

But the good news is...

Direct Response Copywriting

When hire me as your freelance copywriter you will also have a strategic marketing advisor there to help you brainstorm offers, research competition and forge your perfect USP (Unique Sales Proposition). 

Together we will take your business to a higher level of success. 

But with all of the freelance copywriters available, you might be asking...

What Sets Me Apart From Other Freelance Direct Response  Copywriters? 

I think it comes down to two important assets that most copywriters don’t possess. 

#1. Real-World Sales Experience

#2. A Proven Copywriting System  

First I believe there’s no substitute for learning how to sell face-to-face.

When you’re selling something to someone who’s staring right at you it’s a whole different game.

It’s CRITICAL to learn how to put them at ease, learn what they care about, and get past their natural defense system. 

It’s exactly the same when you are writing a sales message.

The difference is it’s even harder as you have to anticipate their objections and don’t have the luxury of reading the telltale signs of their emotions. 

My years as a retail salesperson stuck with me in a BIG way. 

It’s truly given me a “sixth sense” of what makes people buy and that's why this is the first reason for my success as a copywriter. 

Now the second is much more mechanical. 

It's a TIME-TESTED and PROVEN system I've developed over the years that gives me a huge edge in getting converting leads into SALES.

I call my proprietary copywriting system... 


 This system starts with conducting deep research into the most urgent…





 … your target market is most concerned with. 

 Then I find unique ways to show them EXACTLY how what you’re selling will benefit   them…

 … and how much they will suffer or miss out on if they don’t buy from you.  

 It sounds simple but it's a lot of work, including:

  • Hundreds of Hours of Tedious Research 
  • Often Weeks of Writing, Re-writing and Editing
  • Days of Brainstorming Different Sales Hooks

 Yes, it’s A LOT of work, but I must admit to loving every minute of it (I’m probably c   certifiably crazy). 

 My clients also love it but for a completely different reason – it makes them more SALES   and PROFITS. 

 Ultimately, all of this work is to make sure we get THREE things right.

  • Target the Right Market
  • Create the Right Offer for That Market
  • Deliver the Right Message to That Market

If you fail, you'll miss the mark every time. 


  • --- > With the RIGHT message 
  • --- > Matched with the RIGHT offer
  • --- > Delivered to the RIGHT market

 … there are NO LIMITS to the level of success you can achieve! 

 Getting those three steps right for my clients is my #1 priority as a direct response       copywriter.

 Now I want to do the same for YOU, just like I have for these satisfied clients...

Robert is perfect!

Love working with him and love his copywriting skills to the bits! 

He totally understood what my requirements were with the information that I provided and he produced sales copy perfect to the core which made this assignment an absolute breeze! 

Awesome expertise! You will not be disappointed!



Rob was exactly who I was after for this project. 

From start to finish (and even now) Rob understood the project, delivered to an exceptional standard, and was fluid to the project requirements. 

He provided exceptional value both in the project that was delivered but also in the extra tips, tools, and books he shared for FREE.

If you are looking for a writer who knows how to write to sell, then I would recommend Rob.

DWayne squires

Squires/Mews Land Buyers

Very attentive and communicative about content needs and timelines. I loved his content questionnaire. 

I feel it really helped me get my thoughts together and helped in providing an excellent work product. 

From the moment Robert started working with me tried to understand me and my services offered in order to convey the message I needed. 

The work product he delivered was above my expectations and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.


Asset Recovery Specialist 

Rob did an awesome job from start to finish. 

We had an initial chat, came up with a solid brief and kept in touch throughout the project. 

I was really pleased with the initial draft, but then he came back with even more nuggets of gold, which weren’t required. 

He went above and beyond! 

Looking forward to working with you again soon, Rob.

Cheers, buddy!


Online Marketer 

Robert was a gem we found from among the plethora of direct response copywriters out there. 

He was fast, reliable, affordable and most importantly he asked great questions which helped us focus our copy on the right target.

ninad sharma

Author and Founder of IDEX

Wow, what a GREAT experience! 

Robert was responsive, in tune with our needs, on time, and on target. 

On top of it, his copywriting was FANTASTIC! 

This is the second time we’ve hired him for one of our sales copywriting projects and his copy is always extremely well done. 

Honestly, I’m blown away!!!

katherine langston 

Lutherine Seminary 

Robert was extremely timely… asks the right questions and presented great sales letters. 

I will absolutely recommend Robert as a top direct response copywriter and will be working with him again soon! 

Thank you!


The Scheduling Institute

I got 10 times more work than what I paid for! 

Robert is a very dedicated copywriter and delivered outstanding work. 

I’m extremely pleased and I’m 100% sure that I will do business with him again.

oscar armendariz 

Obedient Technology

Robert is a fantastic direct response copywriter! 

He asked questions to ensure we were on the same page. 

… amazing writing, amazing communication. 

Robert is a master of his craft.

I will DEFINITELY hire him again in the future.    


Marketing Professional 

Exactly what we were looking to accomplish. 


We’re very pleased with his sales copy. 

Without a doubt, we will be using Robert again!


Pella Windows and Doors

We faced the challenge of creating a new PPC landing page… 

Robert created multiple content options with language focused on our customer’s needs. 

Robert is a direct response copywriter who KNOWS HOW TO SELL and did a great job!!!

Rayvon Reynolds

The Morgenstern Clinic 

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Direct Response Copywriter

What is Your Process for Working with Clients?

When someone contacts me about my copywriting services, I have a specific method for making sure we are a good fit to work together. 

It starts with you filling out a short form on my contact page that tells me a little about your business, the project you need my help with, and the type of copywriting you need.

If I feel this is a project I might be interested in pursuing I’ll send you an estimate of what I believe the cost will be. 

If you are okay with the range I have quoted we’ll schedule a discovery call where we’ll dive deeper into the details of what you are selling and exactly what it will take to accomplish your goals. 

At this point, I’ll take everything I learned from you and prepare an official proposal detailing what I will do for you with an exact price. 

Once you have reviewed the proposal you will either sign it, pay 50% of my total fee and I’ll get working. Or you decide against hiring me and we walk away friends who may work together in the future.

In the case of the first scenario, I will then…

  • Ask you to send me everything I need to start the research process including the actual product to study (if possible), current and past marketing materials (if available). As well as any customer and competitor data you may have. 
  • Conduct a thorough interview with you (or the product creator, spokesperson, etc) over Google Meet that I will record and transcribe.
  • Have you complete a questionnaire to go into further details about your customers and the product or service you are selling

Now the REAL work begins for me as I’ll take a week or two to digest everything provided and that I have discovered.  

I’ll start working on the BIG IDEA behind the promotion as well as headlines.  I often will write as many as 100 headlines before deciding on three or four to present.

Before moving any further I’ll send you a few different headline and lead combinations for you to give me feedback. 

I’ll then take your suggestions and go back to work. 

Once I have a first draft completed I will send it to you for review.  Then based on your feedback I’ll go back and re-write.  This process will continue until you are 100% satisfied with my final delivery. 

The entire process takes around 4 to 6 weeks.  Yes, it is NOT a fast process.  

But the results you will get in the end are worth the wait.  

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What are the Copywriting Services you Provide?

As a direct response copywriter, I specialize in WRITING THAT SELLS. 

Specifically, this means any copywriting that asks for a sale.  

In particular, I have the most success with...

Online Sales Pages and Direct Mail Sales Letters

There is nothing more powerful at selling your product or service than a great online sales page or direct mail sales letter. 

The purpose of a sales page or sales letter is to…

* Get the attention of your target market…* Build up interest…* Stoke desire…… and ultimately to have a specific action taken place.

That action could be an opt-in to an email list but most of the time it’s to make the sale.

This ultimately where the rubber meets the road in your marketing.

A Good Sales Page Can Convert Even Tough Prospects Into Customers

With a sales page or sales letter, you can overcome every single objection that might have popped into your prospect’s head…

And can hammer home ALL of the emotional benefits they’ll enjoy from buying from you…

PLUS the “logical” reasons they can use to justify to others why it is such a “smart move” to make the purchase.

The RIGHT sales page, being read by the RIGHT prospect, can be worth MILLIONS of dollars in increased revenue straight into your business.

That’s how important it is for you to hire a sales specialist like myself.

Don’t risk going with a “bargain basement” alternative.

Why Are Sales Pages and Sales Pages So Effective?

It’s because there is no better way to tell the FULL story of your sales message.

To fully answer every possible objection your prospect might have.

And to fan the flames of desire by driving home the emotional benefits they’ll enjoy from buying from you.

Just ONE great sales page or sales letter being read by the right person has the power to not just make you a profit…


This is why I FIRMLY believe…

Hiring A Good Sales Copywriter is One Of The Best Investments You Can Make In the Overall Success of Your Business

Often within only days of sending a powerful sales letter to your market through the mail…

Or minutes after directing online traffic to a website sales page…

You can start seeing IMMEDIATE sales and NEW REVENUE flooding into your bank account!

Could there be any better feeling than watching those profits pile up?

There is simply NO OTHER form of advertising or marketing that will give you such immediate financial gratification.

YES… A Sales Letter Will Work For ANY Business… Even Yours!!!

My copywriting idol, the great Dan Kennedy used to say his biggest pet peeve was when the business owners he was consulting with would say:

“That’s Not Going to Work With My Customers. My Business Is Different.”

He would say: ” NO IT ISN’T.”

And then he would proceed to PROVE that fact to them by convincing them to test his sales letters and direct response copywriting tactics…

Which ALWAYS proved to be successful IF allowed to be done right.

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Email Copywriting

Email copywriting is possibly the easiest way to generate more sales in your business.

But… ONLY if you are writing emails the RIGHT way.

As an experienced Email Copywriter, I know how to write emails that get OPENED, READ, and CLICKED.

And what does that mean to you?

More Sales… More Engagement… More Money

In my opinion, a well-planned and executed email campaign should be the core of your business plan.

Why is email marketing so powerful?

It’s because email is something you completely control.

With other types of advertising, you have to compete with hundreds (if not thousands) of competing distractions.

But when you send someone an email, you have the opportunity to mimic a truly one-on-one conversation.

A conversation you are in complete control of.

And as long as you don’t lose your reader’s attention, you can sell them over and over on the benefits you are offering them until they eventually give in and buy.

But it takes time to learn how to write really persuasive emails. Emails that SELL.

Don’t risk losing sales due to poorly written emails.  Let me do the writing for you.

As someone who has trained directly with the #1 email copywriter in the world, I’m an expert in writing emails that convert into SALES.

Email Marketing Is The Foundation Of A Solid Lead Generation System

A constant flow of new customers is the lifeblood of your business.

This is what email copywriting will help provide.

Many entrepreneurs make a HUGE mistake in not consistently running campaigns to bring new potential customers into a sales funnel for your business.

Whether you are selling a product or a service, if you are not ALWAYS cultivating new business you will eventually hit a GIANT roadblock.

One that will stop your cash flow faster than you can say BANKRUPTCY.

Among my copywriting specialties is in creating lead generation campaigns that will drive a FLOOD of new potential customers into your business.

Lead generation campaigns that utilize the POWER of email copywriting to generate the EXPLOSIVE results you need.

These campaigns typically start with Google Search or Social Media advertising to entice your target market to join your email list.

This is followed up with a series of emails designed to nurture these leads and convert them into paying customers or clients.

It may take one or two emails or it could take dozens of emails (or even more) to properly influence them to act.

Can you imagine how expensive this kind of constant marketing would cost using any other form of media?

Truly, there is NOTHING else that compares with being able to continually build a relationship with your market.

A relationship that only becomes more profitable over time IF you can write the kind of emails that can get that job done.

Hire An Email Copywriter You Can Depend On

With over 16 years of real-world advertising, marketing, and copywriting experience I wrote my first email campaign all the way back in 2003.

These emails helped build a multi-million dollar business in the healthcare niche.

Later, I sold millions of dollars in residential real estate using my email copywriting skills to engage, qualify and influence my potential customers into being buyers.

As a professional direct response copywriter, I have written successful individual emails and entire email autoresponder series for clients in a wide variety of niches.

Also, I offer either one-time or continuing copywriting coaching where I will work with you to write any sales copy you need or train you in how to become a top email copywriter.

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Advertorial Copywriting

A well-written advertorial is one of the BEST investments you can make in your business.

Why? Because advertorials have proven to be one of THE most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive sales and increase profits in your business.

Why are advertorials so powerful and effective?

Well, let me ask you a question…

Have you ever run across an article on a website you frequent or maybe in a magazine that piqued your interest to read…

But someone you ended up buying something recommended?

Well, this wasn’t an article.

It was a cleverly disguised sales message that LOOKED like an article.

It probably even provided you with some helpful information…

… before leading you into purchasing something when you originally had NO intention of buying anything.

Yep, you were really reading an advertisement made to look like another article or blog post just like the REAL stories you just read on the same website or in the same magazine.

An advertorial could help SKYROCKET your sales and profits.

Advertorial copywriting is a specialized skill that takes a professional copywriter with the ability to produce copy that reads like informative editorial content…

But sells with the power of a great direct response sales letter.

Writing advertorials has become one of my specialties. 

I have written advertorials in a wide variety of markets with a large amount of success. 

In fact, some of my advertorials have literally made FORTUNES for my clients. 

It’s truly amazing what a good advertorial can do for your bottom line…

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How Long Have You Been a Copywriter?

I have been involved in advertising and marketing for over 17 years writing copy for my own businesses with the last 7 years as a full-time freelance copywriter writing for clients in a WIDE VARIETY of markets with great success in all.

What Copywriters Have You Studied? 

I have obsessively studied copywriting for over a decade learning from legends like Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton through their books and courses.

I also learned directly under copywriting legend Ted Nicholas.

Can You Guarantee Results 

There are many factors which determine the results you will see from ANY advertising and marketing campaign with the copywriting being only one. 

With that understood the copy is incredibly important and I fully believe my copywriting will deliver significant results for you, but NO ONE can guarantee results. 

Any copywriter that says they can are lying to you. 

But I aim to please you and will do whatever it takes to make you happy with the copywriting services I provide to you (within reason of course).

Why Should I Hire You Over Other Copywriters?

While there are MANY great direct response copywriters, I believe I’m your best choice because I have a PROVEN SYSTEM for success.

This system targets the most important emotional triggers that make someone buy.

This is what gives me an edge over my competitors.

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Robert Sean Pascoe is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who works with entrepreneurs worldwide to create advertising and marketing campaigns that maximize their profits.

With 16 years of copywriting experience and a lifetime in sales, Robert knows how to use the power of words to sell virtually anything to anyone, especially if the market has been properly defined.

Robert enjoys primarily working with small business owners to sell more of their products and services through the power of direct response advertising and marketing.

He has written sales copy for companies in such diverse niches as Weight Loss Supplements, Skin Care, Male Enhancement, Local Marketing Agencies, Live Event Seminars, Software Developers, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Brokerages, Marketing Consultants, and many, many more.

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