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Direct Response Copywriting

If you have a product or service you need to sell. then my hard-hitting direct response copywriting will get you the results you need.

Sales Letter Copywriting

A powerful sales letter or online sales page is still the most effective way to drive more sales and increase your profits fast.

Landing Page Copywriting

Having a landing page that converts your web traffic to quality leads is a critical part of your online marketing strategy,

Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting and Marketing is the FASTEST and MOST RELIABLE way to drive more profits into your business FAST.

Advertorial Copywriting

A well-written advertorial can be your secret weapon for rapidly growing your business both online and through print advertising.

Copywriting Coaching

Sometimes you just need some expert advice and this is a great way to get killer ideas that will put more money in your pocket.

“Robert is fantastic! He asked questions to ensure we were on the same page… amazing writing, amazing communication.

Robert is a master of his craft. I will DEFINITELY hire him again in the future.”

Steve Kaplan

Owner, Data Mind Media

About Robert Sean Pascoe

Direct Response Copywriter

Robert is a freelance direct response copywriter, marketing strategist and success coach.  He is the author of a new book called “Seven Figure Copywriting Secrets Revealed” soon to be available at Amazon.com and an online school for entrepreneurs and aspiring copywriters called “The Elite Copywriting Academy” which is launching in January 2020.

Working with business owners of all sizes around the world, Robert specializes in writing hard-hitting and highly influential sales copy that persuades its target audience to take whatever the specific ACTION is that is determined by his clients.

This “Action” could be to opt-in to an email list as a qualified lead, to take a measured step in a sales process or in most cases – the hardest of all actions – to pull out their credit cards and BUY.

Robert calls himself a “Sales Ninja Copywriter” because he writes “Copy that Sells”.  Also called direct response copywriting, it is a specialized skill that is based on the time-tested and proven principles of master salesmanship…

… multiplied many times over by the unlimited strength of modern media.

If you are a small business owner or even an aspiring entrepreneur with a good idea for a business then Robert can help you take your business to new levels of success through his copywriting, marketing and business building knowledge.

A Special Message For All Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Who Could Use A Big Boost To Their Bottom Line

Dear Future Success Partner:

If you are ready to supercharge your sales and skyrocket your profits…

… then I want to be YOUR new advertising and marketing SECRET WEAPON.

My name is Robert Sean Pascoe and I’m a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter whom has written sales copy that has driven MILLIONS of dollars in revenue for clients in a wide variety of diverse industries and markets.

I can say with pride that I have “earned my stripes” on the front lines of the business wars.

And this makes me someone you can truly count on with the third most important thing in the world…

… which after your family and your health, is YOUR BUSINESS.

So, don’t trust the success of your business to anyone who doesn’t have the…




… to take on any challenge you throw at them and do whatever it takes to get you the results you need!

Okay, now full disclosure.

NO ONE can promise “exact” results.

There are just too many factors that go into the success of any sales message. But what I will guarantee is that if hire me as your copywriter, it is never a “one and done” situation.

I will ALWAYS back up my work in order for you to get the sales and increased profits you need.

All you have to do is run the copy I write for you and after proper testing, there isn’t a significant increase in conversions, then I’ll keep tweaking things until there are.

Why would I do that?

Because I want to be your “Go-To” freelance copywriter for life!

If my copy performs for you then you’ll never have to find someone else. Plus, you’ll be my best source of new customers as you’ll be quick to spread the word.

Why Is Copywriting So Critical To The Success Of Your Business?

It’s because a well-written sales message can boost the health of your bottom line faster and more dramatically than anything else.

Copywriting is all about creating a powerful message that persuades your reader, viewer or listener to take a specific ACTION that you desire.

What kind of action? Really ANYTHING you want including adding a flood of qualified leads into your business, or to get them to take the next step in a multi-part sales funnel or to pull out their wallet and BUY whatever you are selling.

Imagine having the power to almost hypnotically control the emotions of your target customers and lead them into being BUYERS.

Well, that’s exactly what great copywriting will do for you.

Now, no one can make anyone do anything they don’t want… but what great copywriting does is push the emotional hot buttons that create a DESIRE to make a positive buying decision.

And that’s precisely what my copywriting services would do for YOU.

What Is Most Important To You?

There are many areas that are crucial to the success of your business but I’m sure you agree consistently finding high-quality leads and converting them into sales are most critical. And ultimately, those are the two areas I specialize in as a Freelance Copywriter.

It doesn’t matter the specific kind of copywriting, whether it’s writing a sales letter, landing page, advertorial or email campaign…

… my copywriting expertise is “Direct Response Copywriting” which is another way of saying writing that SELLS.

If getting MORE sales and enjoying BIGGER profits would be at the top of your list of desires in your business… then we NEED to talk!

Once I’m on your team I’ll quickly become one of your most valuable assets as not just a copywriter, but a strategic marketing advisor who will help you create a sustainable game plan to maximize your revenue with as little possible financial risk. 

Why Do You Need To Hire A Professional Direct Response Copywriter?

There are many choices available to you when deciding on a Freelance Copywriter to hire but here’s a SERIOUS word of warning.

Not all copywriters are equal. Not even close.

Look, I know you couldn’t care less about hearing me brag about how great I am…

… but please understand that copywriting is a HIGHLY specialized skill that it takes many years to get even remotely good at.

Right now, there are hundreds of rookie copywriters online claiming to be professionals who have only recently taken some online course that promised them an “easy” way to get rich.

They might know the basics, but in most cases are NOT ready to work on a professional level.

And my reasons for saying this are VERY simple.

While you can learn the fundamentals of copywriting by reading books and taking courses, there is nothing that compares to real-world experience. 

I fully believe that before anyone should ever start offering freelance copywriting services to other business owners, they should learn what works and what doesn’t in their OWN business.

This Was My Path To Becoming A World-Class Direct Response Copywriter

My name is Robert Sean Pascoe and for several years, I was involved in various businesses as the head of advertising and marketing. I wrote website copy, brochures, print ads and created many email campaigns.

Later, once I formally began studying to be a master of copywriting, I wrote direct mail sales letters, website copy, video scripts and emails for my real estate business selling millions in residential real estate.

It was only after having success for myself and others in the real estate industry that I began offering freelance copywriting services to other businesses.

I can honestly say that I paid my dues on the front lines of the business wars, learning to write killer sales copy that HAD to get results, or I would have been homeless.

Now, after four years of full-time freelancing, my copywriting has produced millions of dollars in profits for clients in a wide variety of industries.

This is why I have the confidence to offer my copywriting services to you, knowing that the sales copy I write will produce the RESULTS you need.

 My Direct Response Copywriting Methodology

When you contact me about possibly being your freelance copywriter, there is an exact system I have created through much trial and error to make sure we maximize the success we have working together.

It all starts with you sending me some very basic information on your business, your target market and an idea of the kind of copy you need.

Then we’ll have a casual conversation about where your business is right now, your current marketing situation and my suggestions for creating powerful copy that could significantly increase your sales and profits.

Upon coming to an official agreement I’ll get to work on the most important aspect of successful copywriting which is RESEARCH.

I’ll put on my sales detective hat and find out everything I can about what you’re selling and more importantly WHO you are selling to. 

Yes, researching your market and finding out exactly what their biggest WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES, and PROBLEMS they need solving is the foundation of writing copy that converts into sales…

… and it’s both what I do best AND what makes me more successful than most other copywriters.

After conducting a thorough job of research I’ll have another conversation with you to go over what I have learned and my initial ideas for your copywriting project.

Only then will I start writing the outline and initial draft of what – after many writes and re-writes – will turn into your breakthrough sales copy.

I WILL take my time to do this job right, often spending over a week on just perfecting the headline and lead of the promotion. Once I have your approval of this most important part of the sales copy, I’ll spend another week writing and re-writing until I have a full first draft for you to review.

Finally, I will welcome all of your feedback, comments, and suggestions to improve the copy until you are 100% thrilled with the final product.

Now, I’ll admit I am NOT fast. I CAN write fast, but my copywriting is far more effective if I have the time to do things RIGHT.  And the results you’ll enjoy will be more than worth the wait.

 How I Determine My Copywriting Pricing

Pricing is often the “Elephant in the Room” when anyone hires a freelance copywriter.

So, I want to be completely upfront with you about it. I AM NOT cheap!

I’m also FAR from the most expensive direct response copywriter you can hire.

In fact, there are some copywriters which won’t even talk to you about their services without you paying 10k UPFRONT as a consulting fee!

That isn’t how I do business.

I’m an entrepreneur just like you and understand the expense that goes into running a business.

Also, at the same time, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that to be successful you have to smartly invest in your future success. 

Therefore, I honestly feel that…

There Is NOTHING More Important To The Success Of Your Business Then Being Able To Sell The MAXIMUM Amount of Your Product or Service…

To The MAXIMUM Number of Customers!

That’s where I come in. 

Now, I don’t want to spend this time talking about me, as what’s important is what I can do for YOU. 

But I do need to tell you that what I bring to the table is almost a decade of studying and applying the craft of Direct Response Copywriting. As well as a LIFETIME of real-world sales experience.

When you hire me as your go-to Freelance Copywriter you get all of those years of experience. And the thousands of hours and thousands of dollars I have invested in becoming one of the top professionals in my field.

In other words, you could go to one of the job boards where you can find hundreds of rookie copywriters who will bid to be the CHEAPEST person you can hire.  

Or you can INVEST in hiring me. Someone who will not just be an “order taker”. But rather a strategic advisor who will help you make the right decisions with your marketing plan.  

Above All, I Feel I Can Only Be Successful If My Clients (YOU) Are Far MORE Successful and Wealthier Than I Am, As A Result Of Our Working Relationship

Now, you might be wondering why I don’t have an exact pricing table on my website.

What I have is a list of “Estimated” starting prices for typical projects.  Basically, these are the average prices for my most common copywriting services.

All so you can have a basic idea of the budget you will need to keep in mind before contacting me. 

But these are not set-in-stone prices.  I can’t give an exact price until I have spoken to you.

Why? For the reason that EVERY single client is different.  As are the particular needs they might have. 

It would be unfair for me to post a price only to say that your project is more work than normal. And I’d then have to charge you more.

Similarly, you may need LESS work than normal.  As a result, it would be VERY unfair to you for me to charge you far more than necessary.

Ultimately, The Price of a Freelance Copywriter Should Always Be About The Value That Copywriter Brings To Your Business!

But again, there are always going to be multiple factors involved when I quote an EXACT price.

As a result, our initial consultation is CRITICAL to being able to give you an accurate quote. One which will get our business relationship off on the right foot.

I am VERY confident that after we speak about your unique needs, that I can propose terms to you which are:

  • More than fair for BOTH of us
  • BETTER than competitively priced
  • Backed by a GUARANTEE of satisfaction which will give you complete peace of mind!

 Who Is My Ideal Client To Work With As A Freelance Copywriter?

I’m willing to work with anyone who needs my copywriting services. But I do prefer to work with independent entrepreneurs and small business owners rather than big corporations.

I also have the following five characteristics of my perfect client.

Now, these aren’t hard rules but rather a “wish list” that can be a work in progress.

Here they are:

  1. An Understanding Of Direct Response Copywriting: 

To start with, a basic knowledge of direct response copywriting is VITAL to us working together.

Things like knowing that long copy is a key to selling.  Understanding that WORDS are far more important than DESIGN.  And knowing the power of having a BOLD offer and STRONG guarantee.

Therefore, being on the same page with the fundamentals of Direct Response Copywriting is essential to us successfully working together.

  1. Ethics and Honesty:

Above all, it’s really important for me to work with clients who keep their word with their customers.

Look, I want all of my clients to be as successful as possible. And it’s in your best interest to always sell an ethical product and to be 100% honest with your customers.

Most importantly, what’s the biggest benefit to you?

And the end result, you’ll have customers for LIFE, and we’ll enjoy long-term success together.

  1. Patience: 

Certainly, a masterpiece doesn’t happen overnight.  Now, that’s not saying I’m comparing myself to Shakespeare…

… BUT to create truly POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE sales copy, it does take some time to do the best possible work for you I can.

Okay, so we’re not talking about years or months… but I do like to have at least 2 weeks to complete any copywriting project.

Why so long?

Well, this includes the time it takes to do deep research.  It’s important for me to get to know the product I am writing about. Even more important is for me to have time to get “into the head” of your prospect who I am writing to. 

Trust me, the extra time I take on the front end, getting EVERYTHING right, will lead to a tsunami of cash flowing FAST into your bank account.

Ultimately, you’ll be VERY happy I took the time to write the very best sales copy I could for you.  As you’ll see very tangible effects in MORE sales and BIGGER profits.

  1. A Willingness to TEST, TEST, TEST

In my opinion, there is nothing more crucial to your success than to scientifically test as many aspects of your marketing as you possibly can.

This includes testing different ads against each other. Testing different offers. guarantees, headlines, openers, closes, etc.

Above all, the more you dedicate yourself to testing, the more revenue you will enjoy.

  1. An Openness To Building A Long-Term Working Relationship:

Ultimately, I would love to create as many profitable, long-term business relationships as possible.

There are many benefits to looking at me as a partner. Rather than just a revolving carousel of freelancers you’re working with. 

This includes my developing a deep familiarity with your business and especially your target market.

Above all, the better I get to know you and your market, the better the copy I write.  

As a result, you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over your toughest competitors. 

3 Reasons Why Robert Should Be Your Go-To Direct Response Copywriter


While most 40 something men spend their days dreaming about hitting the golf course or throwing back some cold ones while watching a game…

… Robert is always obsessing over how to improve his copywriting and marketing skills.

Even on vacation, you’ll find him with a pen and notepad in hand, working on perfecting sales copy for one of his clients or studying some of his extensive collection of winning advertising that goes back to the mid-1800s.

On a daily basis, Robert takes the studying of his craft to a higher level by setting aside at least two hours per day to write out classic advertising word-for-word until his writing hand has completely cramped up and he can write no more.

Why would he do that? Because it’s proven that is a neurological connection between writing by hand and deep retention of knowledge on a subconscious level.

Even though most people would find this to be tedious beyond tolerability, Robert THRIVES on it.

But, what does this mean to you?

You probably could care less about Robert’s slightly “eccentric” ways but what IS important to you or anyone considering hiring a copywriter is who you DON’T WANT to trust with such an important job.

The fact is, there are a TON of newbies who have recently hung their shingle as copywriter due to hearing it was an easy way to make “big money”.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money and we all have bills to pay. But there’s a HUGE difference between someone just “doing it for the money” and someone who truly loves what he does and takes immense pride in every single copywriting project he takes on.

Robert’s Passion for Copywriting Is The Edge YOU Need In Your Business!!!

Some would say “Passion” is the missing ingredient in many person’s pursuits of success.

But for Robert, when it comes to copywriting, it is what comes naturally to him and as his client, YOU are the one who will benefit.

Yes, even if you even have trouble getting excited about what you are selling, Robert will find a way through HIS passion for copywriting to find the what gets your target audience’s juices flowing…

… and more importantly, GETS THEM BUYING!


In many ways, you could say Robert has been writing advertising and marketing copy most of his life.

Starting when he was just 15, he started his own mail-order business which he wrote his first advertising for. Soon after came an odd jobs business by advertising in local newspapers and coupon buyer guides.

By the early 2000s, Robert was part of a startup medical staffing business where the job of writing the online advertising and email marketing fell upon him. 

This was where he first discovered the power of combining direct response copywriting with online marketing as this business became a multi-million-dollar company in only a few years.

Over the next several years Robert studied every book and took every course on copywriting and marketing he could find.

Becoming a MASTER of this thing called “Direct Response Copywriting” was his new life goal…

… and he took that goal VERY seriously.

Eventually, Robert put his copywriting and marketing skills in the real estate industry. He spent five years working with individual agents and brokerages to develop targeted leads through his direct mail sales letters and then nurture those leads into buyers and sellers through email marketing.

After being responsible for millions of dollars in real estate sales Robert decided to head out on his own as a freelance direct response copywriter.

Since officially launching his freelancing business, Robert has worked with entrepreneurs all over the world to create hard-hitting, powerfully persuasive and undeniably influential advertising and marketing campaigns.

Now, YOU can put Robert’s years of experience to work for YOUR business as your new…

Advertising and Marketing Secret Weapon Of Mass Persuasion!!!

That’s right! Having Robert available to you will give you an almost UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your toughest competition.

Without the expense that comes from having a full-time copywriter on your payroll, you can shoot Robert a text or email with your copywriting needs and rest assured that your advertising and marketing message will be in his capable hands.

But, can you REALLY be 100% sure that even with Robert’s PASSION and EXPERIENCE that he’s the right copywriter for you to hire?

Well, that brings us to… 


It might seem like a cliché, but when it comes to Robert’s clients… he’s not happy until they are thrilled.

Thrilled with…

… the RESULTS they get from the sales copy…

… with the SUPERIOR SERVICE they have received…

and with the EASE OF MIND that comes from my guarantee of satisfaction.

Look, this goes way beyond good feelings. It’s really all about good business.

The bottom line is people talk.

Robert knows that a bad reputation will spread through the business world like a wildfire. 

That’s just a fact of life.

Negative experiences tend to get far more “Word of Mouth” traction than anything positive. It’s just human nature.

Ultimately, Robert considers himself a fiduciary – someone who is more of a trusted advisor and partner than just a hired gun.

He believes his client’s success is his greatest possible reward.

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