Supercharge Your Sales Now With MY Premium Copywriting Services

I appreciate you getting this far in considering my copywriting services. There’s a lot of competition these days with thousands of people jumping into freelance copywriting due to promises of “EASY MONEY”.

Especially with all of the gurus telling anyone with a few dollars in their pocket to “invest” that they can learn a few prompts and AI tools like ChatGPT will do all the work for them.

And the truth is, if all you care about is being just “good enough” to get by, then maybe a newbie copywriter on Upwork who only charges a few dollars per hour might be all you need.

But the TRUTH is that there is a huge difference between good enough copy and GREAT copy can actually get you the results you desire.

You see, copywriting isn’t about stringing a few sentences together.

It’s also not about swiping formulas or using AI tools that steal the structures of other copywriter’s work and tries to recycle what might have worked in the past with ZERO guarantees of it working now.

Great copywriting is about the super-powers of influence and persuasion. It’s about getting to know your target customers biggest WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES and PROBLEMS they are most concerned with.

What literally keeps them up at night either with anxiety or excitement.

As someone who has spent my entire life in sales, and for over 15 years has obsessively been studying sales psychology, I have an edge in writing copy that SELLS, and that’s what great copywriting is all about.

When you hire me as your freelance copywriter, you get more than just a “writer for hire”. What you REALLY get is a copywriting and marketing strategist who will help you laser focus on what really matters to your target audience and persuade them to act accordingly.

Here’s What to Do Now

I used to have one of those fancy contact forms, but they were too easy to spam the heck out of me. So, I’ve decided to go OLD SCHOOL (or as much as possible) and would rather have you contact me via my personal email or send a text to my cell phone.

Just send an email with COPYWRITING in the subject line to or send a text message to 727-269-1121 along with a few details about your business and where you make be able to use my help.

I’ll respond back and we’ll set up a time to talk about your needs in whatever way is most convenient to you.

Thanks again!!!

Robert Sean Pascoe

Direct Response Copywriter

Direct Response Copywriter Robert Sean Pascoe with his wife Jessica