Dear Future Success Partner, 

Please do yourself a favor and silence your cell phone, forget about the latest drama on Facebook and hide from your crazy relatives...

... as what I am about to tell you is EXTREMELY important. 

How important??? 

I'm talking about rapidly increasing your SALES and PROFITS...

WITHOUT big financial risks... 

WITHOUT more work... and... 

WITHOUT unnecessary stress and anxiety!!!

Here's the deal... 

For the past eight years, I've helped businesses worldwide dramatically boost their bottom line as their copywriting SECRET WEAPON.

Some have doubled or even tripled their average sales after hiring me. 

Now, no one can promise those kinds of results.  And I certainly won't as every situation is unique (and I look TERRIBLE in orange). 

But if you have a good offer and know your market, then I am confident that my copywriting can make a HUGE difference in your success.

What kind of difference?

For many, it means the difference between experiencing SIGNIFICANT and LONG-LASTING success and struggling to just get by.

I’ll tell you more in just a moment.

But first…

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you have a GREAT product or service but aren't getting the sales you need???


Did you try writing your sales copy yourself, but HATE the process???

Have you hired other freelance copywriters but they didn’t understand how to speak to your customers???


Are you working on launching a new product or service but pulling your hair out figuring out the best way to sell it???

You're In Good Company

The truth is that copywriting is NOT easy (Despite what many "GURUS" trying to sell you their copywriting course will tell you).

But the good news is... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF. 

When you hire me you'll have an experienced copywriter by your side you can rely on. 

I'll also be a strategic marketing advisor to help you brainstorm offers, research competition, and forge your perfect USP (Unique Sales Proposition). 

Together, I am CONFIDENT we can take your business to a higher level of success. 

But maybe you've heard big promises like this from others...

Maybe you've even been BURNED in the past...

So, you might be asking...

What REALLY Sets Me Apart From Other Freelance Copywriters?

 #1. Real-World Sales Experience

 #2. A Proven and Reliable Copywriting System  

First I believe there’s no substitute for learning how to sell face-to-face.

When you’re selling something to someone who’s staring right at you it’s a whole different game.

It’s CRITICAL to learn how to put them at ease, learn what they care about, and get past their natural defense system. 

It’s exactly the same when you are writing a sales message.

The difference is it’s even harder as you have to anticipate their objections and don’t have the luxury of reading the telltale signs of their emotions. 

My years as a retail salesperson stuck with me in a BIG way. 

It’s truly given me a “sixth sense” of what makes people buy and that's why this is the first reason for my success as a copywriter. 

Now the second is much more mechanical. 

It's a proven system I've developed that gives me a huge edge in over my competitors. 

I call my proprietary copywriting system...

Customer Centric Copywriting

Customer Centric Copywriting starts with conducting deep research into the most urgent WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES and PROBLEMS your market is most concerned with. 

Then I study everything I can about your product or service looking for unique ways to show your potential customers EXACTLY how what you’re selling will benefit them…

 … and how much they will suffer or miss out on if they don’t buy from you.  

This is by far THE most important aspect of ANY marketing strategy. 

Ultimately, to maximize your SALES and PROFITS, you must...

#1. Target the Right Market

#2. Create the Right Offer for That Market

#3. Deliver the Right Message to That Market

If you fail, you'll miss the mark every time. But... 

--- > With the RIGHT message

--- > Delivered to the RIGHT market

--- > Matched with the RIGHT offer

… there are NO LIMITS to the level of success you can achieve!


Getting those three steps right is my #1 priority as a freelance copywriter.

And I have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of implementing this system successfully for many clients in a wide variety of niches and markets.


Here's what just some of them have had to say about my copywriting services...

Client Testimonials

Rob was exactly who I was after for this project. 

From start to finish (and even now) Rob understood the project, delivered to an exceptional standard, and was fluid to the project requirements. 

He provided exceptional value both in the project that was delivered but also in the extra tips, tools, and books he shared for FREE.

If you are looking for a writer who knows how to write to sell, then I would recommend Rob.


Squires/Mews Land Buyers

Robert is perfect!

Love working with him and love his copywriting skills to the bits! 

He totally understood what my requirements were with the information that I provided and he produced sales copy perfect to the core which made this assignment an absolute breeze! 

Awesome expertise! You will not be disappointed!



Very attentive and communicative about content needs and timelines. I loved his content questionnaire. 

I feel it really helped me get my thoughts together and helped in providing an excellent work product. 

From the moment Robert started working with me tried to understand me and my services offered in order to convey the message I needed. 

The work product he delivered was above my expectations and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.


AssetRecovery Specialist

Wow, what a GREAT experience! 

Robert was responsive, in tune with our needs, on time, and on target. 

On top of it, his copywriting was FANTASTIC! 

Honestly, I’m blown away!!!


Lutherine Seminary

Rob did an awesome job from start to finish. 

We had an initial chat, came up with a solid brief and kept in touch throughout the project. 

I was really pleased with the initial draft, but then he came back with even more nuggets of gold, which weren’t required. 

He went above and beyond! 

Looking forward to working with you again soon, Rob.

Cheers, buddy!


Online Marketer


Exactly what we were looking to accomplish. 


We’re very pleased with his sales copy. 

Without a doubt, we will be using Robert again!


Pella Windows and Doors

So, what do you think? 

Are you ready to talk about how we might work together? 

If so, please go ahead and contact me now by CLICKING HERE NOW


Robert Sean Pascoe

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter/Marketing Strategist

Call/Text 727-269-1121

P.S. It's totally normal to have questions and concerns, so I've prepared the following FAQ section for you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with more!

Direct Response Copywriter


What Is Your Process of Working with Clients?

Over the years I've developed a laser-focused process for working with clients.

It all starts with an initial call to get to know each other a little better.  

I can find out more about their business, target audience, and goals for the project they are interested in having me complete.

Then if things go well, I’ll offer to send an official proposal which will include a price quote and terms for the project.

If the proposal is accepted then that’s where the HARD WORK and FUN begins.

Now, that we are officially working together we’ll have a “Kick-Off Call” where I’ll interview you to get your full story of the product or service I’ll be selling.

Then I’ll go into full “Sales Detective” mode, doing in-depth research into you’re the WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES, or PROBLEMS your target market is most concerned with, as well as digging deep into the features and benefits of what you are selling.

This is the MOST CRITICAL part of the whole process as I need to figuratively “get into the heads” of your ideal customer or client so I can write copy that will push the right emotional hot buttons to persuade them to buy.

Throughout the whole process, I continually seek feedback on elements like the headlines, opening, story, and especially all aspects of the offer.

I will write and re-write until I am satisfied with a first draft and then submit for feedback which I encourage to be brutally honest. Why? So I can go back and tighten things up, so the copy is as SMOOTH and PERSUASIVE as possible.

Ultimately, all that matters is the RESULTS you receive from my copywriting, and I guarantee your satisfaction, or I’ll keep re-writing until it’s achieved.

How Do I Know If You’re The Right Copywriter For Me?

While there are MANY great copywriters, I believe I’m your best choice because I have a PROVEN SYSTEM that laser targets the most important emotional triggers that make someone buy.

This is what gives me an edge over my competitors.

I also have both the years of experience and the results to prove that I am someone YOU can count on.

So, don’t trust the health of your financial future to anyone who doesn’t have the…


--- > SKILLS


… to take on any challenge you throw at them and do whatever it takes to get you the results you need!

Can't AI Write My Copy for Me Now???

This is a tricky one.  My honest answer would be YES and NO. 

Yes, there are some REMARKABLE things that AI can do, including writing some basic copy. 

And AI can be a GREAT tool to help make you more productive the same way home computers and then the internet once did. 

But it is STILL just a tool.  One that needs a skilled human to use properly.

Yes, while AI can crank out LOTS and LOTS of mediocre copy fast.  It is not able to write anywhere near the level of a world-class human copywriter.  

Will it someday?  We can't know for sure but I really don't think so. 

Why? It's because what makes a human copywriter so effective is their ability to THINK for themselves. To be able to CREATE.  To be able SOLVE PROBLEMS.  To be able to RELATE to others.

TO BE HUMAN. And that's one thing AI will never be.  

Why Should I REALLY Choose You Over Other Freelance Copywriters?

When you are searching for a copywriter for your business, you have MANY options available.

Some business owners simply go to the various job boards and hire the cheapest freelancer.

This is a GIANT mistake as you never want to settle for the budget option with something as important as writing the copy to sell your product or service.

On the other hand, there are some direct response copywriters who I feel go too far in OVER-CHARGING for their services.

Personally, I try to be as fair as possible when it comes to how I price my services and emphasize the overall VALUE a deliver from my clients. 

In fact, if I do my job right and you have the right offer is presented to the right market, then it ultimately doesn’t cost you anything to hire me.

So, the price really shouldn’t ever be your main concern with hiring a direct response copywriter but rather the RESULTS they will bring you. 

And that’s what I specialize in – delivering tangible results you can enjoy as soon as possible.

I bring experience, dedication, and a commitment to excellence to all of my clients who hire me as their freelance copywriter.

Ready to Make More Sales
Robert Sean Pascoe 

Freelance  Direct Response Copywriter

Call/Text 727-269-1121 

Robert Sean Pascoe is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who works with entrepreneurs worldwide to create advertising and marketing campaigns that maximize their profits.

With 7 years of freelance copywriting experience and a lifetime in sales, Robert knows how to use the power of words to sell virtually anything to anyone, especially if the market has been properly defined.

Robert enjoys primarily working with small business owners to sell more of their products and services through the power of direct response advertising and marketing.

He has written sales copy for companies in such diverse niches as Weight Loss Supplements, Skin Care, Male Enhancement, Local Marketing Agencies, Live Event Seminars, Software Developers, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Brokerages, Marketing Consultants, and many, many more.

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