An (Almost) Perfect 3 Step Copywriting Formula

3 Step Copywriting


Is there really a PERFECT copywriting formula?

Well, I think this one is as close to it as possible.

It’s also pretty darn simple.

So, what is this almost perfect copywriting formula?

Well, it breaks down into just 3 quick and easy-to-remember steps:

— > Tell a Painful Story That Resonates With Your Target Prospect

— > Explain How You Discovered A Solution To That Pain

— > Show Your Prospect How They Can Enjoy That Amazing Solution Too

Can copywriting really be that simple?  Well, of course, there is more to it.

But for now, let’s not OVERCOMPLICATE things.  The truth is, you can get pretty darn far just by following this formula. 

Let’s Look At The 3-Step Copywriting Formula In Detail

Step #1 – Tell a Painful Story That Resonates With Your Target Prospect

If you have done a good job of researching the market your prospect is in you’ll know EXACTLY what is most important to them.

This goes back to what was the main point of the copywriting and sales letter classic: “The Robert Collier Letterbook”. 

In this incredible book (which is considered by many to be the greatest book ever written on direct response copywriting and advertising) Mr. Collier hammered home a VERY POWERFUL IDEA.

That idea was that success in selling ALWAYS comes down to starting your message with the “conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind”.

In other words, you need to remember your potential customers are real living people who have WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES they are looking for answers to, and desperate PROBLEMS they need to have solved.

Your sales message should ALWAYS start with where your prospect already is.

Here’s an example: Let’s imagine you are in the weight-loss industry.  You are selling a supplement that legitimately can help curb appetite and therefore aid in someone’s desire to lose weight.

With all of the skepticism involved when it comes to weight-loss products, how are you going to overcome that hurdle?

I would suggest the most powerful way would be to tell a REAL story of how either you or one of your customers has struggled with their weight.

How they have tried and tried every fad diet.

They have fallen for one gimmick after another and NOTHING has ever worked.

Don’t just talk about the obvious though. Get into the EMOTIONAL PAIN which has resulted.

Maybe the embarrassment of being overweight at a high school or family reunion.

Or feeling rejected by their spouse not being as attracted to them as they once were.

Even the off-handed remark of a child, casually mentioning how fat they are in front of a group of peers.

As someone who has battled with being overweight my entire life, I can tell you these situations produce VERY PAINFUL emotions.

So, don’t feel bad PILING ON THE PAIN!

If you can legitimately help your prospect then let them re-experience all of the hurt they have gone through.

Why? Because if they don’t take you seriously and try what you are offering them…

… then they will only CONTINUE to endure that pain rather than have freedom from it.

This first step should be the bulk of your sales message. 

Only after you have squeezed out as much pain as possible do you move on to Step 2.

Step #2 – Explain How You Discovered A Solution To That Pain

Okay, so here’s when we kick things into high gear and actually get into setting up the sale.

Now, your prospect should be almost in a state of despair at this point (if you’ve done your job right) so let’s ease things up.

How do we do that?

We tell them that if they are going through the same hell as the person in our story that…


Here is where we introduce our product or service as THE hero. 

Much like a cowboy riding in on his white horse in those old western movies…

… you tell how everything turned around for you when you discovered this exciting new thing.

And, even though you were skeptical after trying so many other “supposed” solutions which only left you disappointed…


Now, paint a picture of how much life has changed since discovering this remarkable solution. 

In the case of our weight-loss example, explain in detail how it feels to see old friends and family since you have transformed your body. 

How amazing it feels to have them tell you how great you look. 

The feeling you get when you into a clothes store and can actually fit into ANYTHING you want to buy. 

The looks of admiration your spouse now gives to you make you feel attractive and loved.

These are the POSITIVE emotions you need to vividly show your prospects so they can see themselves experiencing the same in the near future.

Step #3 – Show Your Prospect How They Can Enjoy That Solution Too

Finally, it’s time to tell your prospects how they can turn their lives around for the better by using your product or service themselves. But it’s not going to be as easy as just telling them how to buy.

Why? Because even after they have envisioned how their future could change for the better, they are STILL going to be hesitant to trust you enough to risk their hard-earned money. 

Unfortunately, almost everyone has been burned before.  And when it comes to certain markets they have most likely burned MANY times.

This is why EVEN if you’ve done everything else right, you’re not going to close the sale… 

… UNLESS you can put their mind completely at ease by making an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER to them.

Some ways you can do that are by backing up their satisfaction with a powerful guarantee that REVERSES the risk. 

By that I mean, if they don’t get the promised benefit they can return the item at YOUR expense. 

Now, that works great for a physical product like a supplement.

But you can also use this for a piece of digital information or a subscription-based item or service…

… by giving away valuable premiums with the purchase…

… and let them keep those premiums EVEN if they return your product or cancel their subscription.

One of the most effective irresistible offers is when you allow your customer to take part in a no-risk FREE TRIAL.

One where they can put your claims to the test and only pay if they are happy with the results they get.

Try Out This 3-Step Copywriting Formula Yourself

The next time you have a sales letter to write or even an email, put this formula to work for you. 

I can almost guarantee this is something that can be used over and over again.  Try it out for different products and niches.

I truly feel your sales will SOAR as a result!

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