Copywriting Lessons From A Big Green Monster

Big Green Monster

Can you REALLY learn lessons in copywriting, marketing and entrepreneurialism from almost anything?

I think so. At least I TRY to find topics from the most non-obvious sources that I can use as analogies to teach lessons to others. 

One of the best sources are old TV shows.  Really any type of show, but I must admit as a member of the “Post 40” club to not find much appealing about modern television.

Thankfully, I have a nice DVD collection of old TV programs.

My “go to” favorite is the late 1970’s and early 1980’s primetime TV hit – The Incredible Hulk

Yeah, it might be considered a bit cheesy but I guess that’s part of the charm of a show like this.  Simple entertainment without much overtly political messaging or social commentaries.

Anyways, if you’ve never seen The Incredible Hulk it stars the excellent actor Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner and bodybuilding legend Lou Ferigno as “The Hulk” in a classic comic book story come to life. 

The backstory is that while conducting an experiment Dr. Banner accidentally receives an overdose of “Gamma Radiation”.  This has the radical side effect of turning him into the big green guy who is SUPER powerful and almost impervious to pain anytime he gets angry.

With Dr. Banner believed to be dead and blaming himself for the death of a colleague he is continually on the road working odd jobs while trying to find a cure for his unique problem. 

This sets up the ongoing storyline of the good doctor on the road, traveling from town to town where he inevitably gets into some sort of trouble with a random bad guy. This causes him to “Transform” into “the Hulk” who of course ends up saving the day.

What The Incredible Hulk Can Teach Us About Copywriting

Copywriting with the Hulk

While sitting in bed (milking every ounce of sympathy from my wife) I started thinking about how the transformation that David Banner goes through when turning into The Hulk and how it relates to copywriting.

You see, while in the TV show Dr. Banner is desperate to find a cure for what he sees as an affliction, most of us at least secretly crave what he experiences in each and every episode. No, I’m not saying any of us want to become The Hulk (okay maybe I do secretly).

What we ALL want is a transformation.

The truth is none of us are ever 100% happy with ourselves or the world we live in.  I’m not saying we are all miserable but rather it’s natural for us to always have goals we are striving to achieve. I would say we are MOST HAPPY when chasing something we want and working towards a goal.

That goal is different for all of us.  Maybe you want to lose fat or gain muscle.  Maybe you want to go back to school so you can earn a better living.

Whatever it is that’s most important for each of us individually there is one thing every single one of us wants.


To Successfully Sell Anything You MUST Show A Transformation

So, this is what you need to convey in your sales copy.

It is critical to show how much better your customer or client’s life will be once they bought your product or service. Honestly, you want them to FEEL the transformation just from completing the purchase… even if they don’t end up using it.

Of course you should want them to use it but again we’re talking about human nature.  Just think the thousands of people who buy home exercise equipment every day but never get around to actually using it more than once or twice (if ever).

This is out of your control. Like the old saying about bringing a horse to water but not being able to make it drink.

Your ONLY real job as a businessperson is to MAKE A PROFIT.  This means you have to maximize sales and to sell anything you must paint a picture of how much better your prospect’s lives will be by buying what you are selling.

So, make it your #1 priority to PROMISE and PROVE the positive transformation your customers will enjoy from buying from you!!!

Do this starting in your headline with a BIG BOLD promise. Then demonstrate through telling stories, using testimonials and sharing case studies that will make your target audience trust you so they can rationalize the purchase and experience a sense of instant gratification from buying.

Describe in detail the PAIN they are going through now and the PLEASURE they will enjoy once they buy from you.

Use pictures, charts and other visual elements when you can to demonstrate that transformation.  

Show your customers how they will experience a transformation they desire and you will ALWAYS win.

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