How To Vanquish The Time Vampires Forever

Do you know how to protect yourself from the dreaded Time Vampires?  

What are they you ask??

Well, in this article I’ll tell you what they are and how to vanquish them from your life so you can be more productive and therefore increase your profits and overall success. 

Why is this so important?  I’ll tell you firsthand, that as a copywriter and entrepreneur that fighting off the Time Vampires has been one of THE toughest challenges in my life as I have a natural tendency to be a procrastinator. 

That’s certainly not something I am proud of but for some reason, it is built into my being and I’ve had to battle it since I was in grade school.

What I AM proud of is the fact that I have discovered how to overcome this problem with what I’m going to share with you today.

Attack Of The Time Vampires

First of all, nothing will suck the life out of your business faster than a Time Vampire.

These horrible creatures will happily leave your cold corpse of a business, beaten and battered on the side of the road…

… just waiting for the vultures to enjoy feasting on.

Okay, okay, that might be a tad over dramatic, but I’ve been watching lots of sci-fi lately.

But trust me these time vampires are very real.

Attack of the Time Vampire

Now, they might not be trying to turn you into one of the living dead, but rather they are the time wasters that rob you of your ability to be productive and accomplish your goals.

Some of the very worst time for vampires these days are things like social media, texting, cyber shopping and constantly checking your email.

Most people have no idea how much these almost automatic activities will waste away your day and energy.

These activities might seem harmless, but they will rapidly begin stealing away your TIME and MONEY.

Especially if you are a self-employed entrepreneur.

But these “more obvious” wasteful activities are not the only time vampires are concerned about.  A big trap many people fall into is being stuck in ENDLESS meaningless online meetings that could easily be a quick email instead.

My opinion on this is that there’s always someone (usually with a useless management role) who has to justify their position. UGH!!!

The bottom line is these are all TRAPS we tend to ALLOW ourselves to get stuck in and our productivity and income suffer from it.

So, how do you fight off these time vampires so you can get back on the success train?

How To Drive A Stake Through The Heart Of The Time Vampires 

I’m going to reveal exactly how to vanquish the Time Vampires from your life, but first, there’s an old saying I think fits perfectly…

Five Minutes Of Preparation Saves An Hour Of Time

That’s a “write er down er” right there!!!

Okay, so it’s tough love time. The truth is there are no secrets or shortcuts to defeating these Time Vampires. 

You can ONLY fight them off by creating and committing to a PLAN and a SCHEDULE.  But you can never actually KILL them.

They are going to keep coming back trying to steal your precious time away from you.

This is why you MUST have a roadmap for your daily routine that you stick to religiously.

There is GOOD news and BAD news to this… 

The bad news it that it’s NOT going to be easy.  The GOOD news is that it works.

The first and most critical step of the process is to determine where you are right now. Then where you want to be.  And finally to figure out the best way to get there.

Think about it like you are taking a road trip. Say you are in Boston right now but ultimately you want to end up in Hawaii.  

You need to figure out everything you will need to get from where you are now to where you want to be. This would include things like deciding on if you’ll go so far in a car, train or bus. 

Eventually where you’ll catch a plane. How much money you’ll need, what the shortest route is, etc.

This is EXACTLY what you need to do when setting a long-term goal for your life.  And that begins with setting daily goals and figuring out how you can accomplish them.  

You do this by looking at your average day and figuring out a schedule to follow where you account for every hour of the day.

This includes planning for down time, meals, free time, exercise, and leaving some “CHAOS” time for when something (or multiple things) go wrong and mess up your plan a bit.  Hey, it’s going to happen so you better factor it all in.

Most importantly, decide on the most important things you MUST get done each day in order to continually be moving forward in your goals. 

Do the CRITICALLY IMPORTANT things first.  Knock them off your list and then as the day goes on work on less pressing tasks that are still important for you to accomplish. 

What’s important is that you know what you need to do in order to progressively move towards getting to where you want to be. 

Even if your schedule only allows you to make small steps at a time, they WILL add up and before you know it you’ll be accomplishing far more than most people ever will even hope to.

By creating and following your new roadmap you will drive a stake in the hearts of the Time Vampires, sending them a feeling of your presence once and for all.

As a final thought, please remember that sticking to a schedule won’t imprison you, but rather… 


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