7 Secrets To Closing the Deal in Copywriting

Closing the Deal in Copywriting

“The right offer should be so attractive that only a lunatic would say “NO”.

Quote by Claude Hopkins


All of your fancy headlines, storytelling skills, and even a GREAT product won’t mean squat if you can’t…  CLOSE THE DEAL.

So, how do you close the deal with as little friction and pushback as possible?

Well. here are 7 tips for closing the sale I’ve learned over my seven years as a freelance copywriter:

#1. Always Give Them A Reason To Buy

This might seem obvious but there’s a reason this is our #1 tip.  And the truth is it’s often SO simple it’s overlooked.

It’s imperative to present a reason your prospect needs to buy right NOW without procrastination.

If your offer is compelling enough…

… and your prospect already trusts you or what your product will do for them…

… and if you are offering something they really want…

… and you have done your selling job right then you should have NO problem closing the deal.

#2. Get To Know Your Market

Do your research!

To craft the perfect offer, it always comes down to knowing your market inside and out.

This is something you might be tired of hearing me say and I will admit it’s been said many times…

… but ONLY because it is SO important and because it is also the one thing most copywriters are likely to skip over.

It might not be as sexy as writing clever headlines and bullets…

… but it is THE foundation of everything else involved with writing a kick-ass sales message.

The bottom line for your success is to find out EXACTLY what your prospect wants and then make it as easy as possible for them to buy it from YOU.

When asking for the Offer you need to present ALL reasons to prevent procrastination.

#3. Ask the Right Questions

How do you accomplish this most effectively? You do it by answering the following questions:

  • What benefits will your prospect gain by buying this product immediately?
  • What pain will your prospect experience if you don’t buy this product right away?
  • Why are indecisiveness and procrastination such very costly mistakes?

Even more, why is it a sign of weakness and how can you best convey that to them in a way which doesn’t speak down to them, but carefully nudges them into making a positive buying decision?

Then you need to decide how to best establish the characteristic of decisiveness as a “Winning Behavior” that is to be admired.


#4. Be Aggressive With Presenting Your Offer 

A cardinal sin in selling is being too weak in asking for the sale. So, be aggressive!

You should present your offer and then you ask for the order.  And be as direct as possible.

Then go back to re-enforcing the main benefits of your product. Go into a false close and then ask for the order again in a P.S.

With an online sales page, you can put a “Buy Now” button after the first request for the offer…

… and then add another one after the false close and then one more after the P.S.

A new trend with online sales letters and landing pages is to add even more buy-now buttons.

Often starting right after the headline and supporting deck copy and then sprinkling through every 300 or 400 words.

The thought behind this is that if your customer is sold on something you have said, then DON’T stop them from buying EXACTLY when they are ready!

Why is this SO important?

It’s because you never know when they might lose that “burning” buying feeling… So, don’t EVER risk losing the sale by putting up any unnecessary barriers.

Instead, always let them pull out their wallet and give you their money… AS SOON AS THEY ARE READY!

#5. Use Premiums to Sweeten the Deal

A premium is a very powerful way to boost the response to an ad or promotion.

What exactly is a premium?

It’s a special free bonus that one receives for ordering the main product you are selling.

Often your customer will buy from you just to receive the premium.


Because it may have a higher perceived value to them than the actual main product or service you are selling.

In fact, to increase sales you should ALWAYS have a premium your prospect would be more than willing to pay for if it were for sale.

If your prospect wouldn’t pay for it on its own, then it won’t do you any good at all for you as a free premium.


Why the Premium is So Important

A premium is really an “ethical bribe” that says to your prospect:

“Buy me now and I’ll give you this super great thing you can’t get anywhere else …

… in fact, you can’t even BUY it anywhere else if you wanted to”.

You have to convince your prospect that the ONLY way they can get their sweaty palms on this…


… is to buy this other thing they were already considering buying.

#6. Use Scarcity to Skyrocket Your Conversions

But, don’t ever lie about it as this will KILL your future sales.

Instead, always be honest and create a legit limit on the number of premiums you’ll be giving away.

You can also set a time limit where your special bonus offer will expire after a certain time and then STICK to it.

If positioned right, your premium will push your prospect off any fence he or she might be sitting on.

It will push them gently into making a buying decision.

A common practice when first introducing a new product to the market is to greatly discount the price as a way of enticing the prospect to buy.

This is often a big mistake as you need to be slightly picky about the kind of customer you are cultivating.

The smarter decision is to ALWAYS go with a premium.

Just make sure it’s not some throw-away junk or failed main product. Be positive it’s something of real value your customer is going to be excited about… and satisfied with.

Always ask yourself how you can create a premium bonus that will enhance the benefits your prospect is getting from buying your featured product.

If your premium is unrelated or doesn’t increase the buying experience of your prospect then scrap it and find something else to offer them.


#7. Always Optimize Your Order Form or Page

Your order form should act as a mini-sales letter for your product, reinforcing the …


… BIG BENEFIT … or …

… BIG PROMISE … which is the main selling point of your copy.

This is your chance to remind your prospect of the GREAT decision he or she is making by buying your product…

… and all of the BIG BENEFITS coming their way as a result of completing the transaction.

It never hurts to flatter your customer by telling them how smart they are for making the decision to buy but make sure you don’t ever come off as pandering.

If you are selling a good product you truly believe in and know it is really going to benefit the buyer, then why not…


This provides them with the reassurance they might need. And hopefully will prevent them from changing their mind at the last minute.

Buyer’s remorse could lead to them requesting a refund so do whatever you can to avoid it.

What Are Some Crucial Elements of the Order Form?

Your order form should always include…

  • A Call to Action
  • A Summary of the Benefits
  • All Payment Options
  • An Explanation of Shipping Charges (If Any)
  • Reinforcement of Your Risk-Reversal Guarantee

The order form should be so simple, clear, direct, and foolproof that even a small child should be able to fully understand the process of completing the ordering process.

If your typical fifth grader couldn’t complete the transaction, then keep on simplifying it until they could!

By sticking to the proven winning elements to closing the deal you are sure to have more overall success.

And should prove itself in the only way which really matters… a fatter bank account.

I hope these tips on closing the sale will be VERY profitable for you!


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