The Rapidly Approaching Lazy Entrepreneur’s Apocalypse

Lazy Entrepreneur Apocalypse

Here’s a prediction to take to heart…

The days of the “Lazy Entrepreneur” getting ahead of the hard-working, nose-to-the-grindstone types who make up the majority of us are soon to be OVER.

Now, I’m not saying I (like everyone) don’t occasionally have to fight off the urge to be lazy.

But here’s the thing. The winners in business (as in life) shake it off and get things done.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with working SMARTER rather than HARDER. 

I fully believe in building systems to be more productive and delegating time-consuming tasks to others so that I can spend my time working on what I do best and where I am most effective at building my business.

This is why watching others attempt to CHEAT their way to the top really frustrates me. But ultimately they are only doing damage to themselves.

Let me explain…

Why Lazy Entrepreneurs Are Doomed To Finish Last

Everyone these days seem to be looking for a shortcut to success. 

Instead of committing to reading dozens of great books on a subject they want ONE that will give them all of the knowledge they need to master a subject in a single reading.

I’m sorry but it’s just not going to happen. 

It’s the same thing with online courses. People want ONE single product to give them the proverbial keys to the kingdom.  With no actual work involved.

I’m sorry but this isn’t the path to success. If anything it’s a path to extreme disappointment and potential bankruptcy.

Here’s why…

These lazy entrepreneurs are ripe for the pickings of con artists and shady marketers who will PROMISE to give them everything they desire with NO work and ZERO real investment – besides what they are paying their new “guru” who is really adept at one thing.

And that’s manipulating their emotions in order to take their money.

In order to be truly successful in anything, you must be willing to PUT IN THE WORK to get the results you want. 

When I first caught the “copywriting bug” I jumped into the deep end by spending thousands of dollars on books, courses, and live training and more importantly thousands of hours studying and practicing the craft.

Only after five years of obsessive study did I write my first ad for someone else.  Even then I did lots of free work for friends who were also entrepreneurs so I could perfect my craft before ever charging for my work.

This is why is bugs me so much when I hear of not just entrepreneurs but even so-called professional copywriters relying on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do their “writing” for them. 

But here’s the thing – these shortcuts so many are now taking are going to only quicken their demise as SMART and HARD-WORKING entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters will soon fly past them in sales and profits.

Why? Because no short-cut is going to compete with someone putting the time and effort to do things to their BEST POSSIBLE ability.

Let’s again take the AI writing software that so many are using right now. 

What it does is scrape the internet to find keyword matches and then basically rips off other people’s work, re-writing it for you to claim as your own.

How do I know?  I tested it out myself. 

I bought access to a couple of different versions of the more popular AI software and tested it for writing articles.

What were the results?  Firstly, absolutely terrible writing that would have to be almost completely RE-WRITTEN before being able to be used. But even worse was that I found blatant word-for-word plagiarism. Work STOLEN from other writers.

As far as I’m concerned this isn’t just unethical but quite possibly illegal. 

It also just makes you look like a cheap, rip-off artist rather than an original thinker and leader in your particular industry.

How To Stand Out In Your Industry 

I truly believe that in the coming years there as competition gets increasingly fierce across the board that those always looking to take the easy path will soon fall by the wayside.

Please make sure this isn’t you!!!

In order to make certain you are one of the WINNERS in the vicious game of business and life then make a commitment to yourself RIGHT NOW to outlearn and outwork anyone you will ever encounter.

This is the REAL greatest secret to attaining success in life. 

Stop looking for “hacks” or ways to game the system. 

Instead put in the work yourself or make the smart investment in hiring someone who has the skills you lack and you can trust to put in the work to get you the RESULTS you need.

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