Month: March 2019

It’s Not Always Easy Being Right | Journal of a Freelance Copywriter

Journal of a Freelance Copywriter – Entry 1 Let me tell you a quick story about a somewhat awkward situation I got myself into earlier this week. I had a potential client contact me about writing a sales page to sell a new product he is launching. (I’m gonna keep the details secret as I […]

3 Keys to Copywriting Mastery

I was recently asked to give a short presentation on copywriting for a group of small business owners.  Now, copywriting can be a somewhat complicated thing to explain. And I had just 20 minutes to try to convey something tangible that these entrepreneurs could use in their business. Well, I thought about this for a […]

High School Loser Morphs Into Freelance Copywriting Stud

Once upon a time, in a VERY small town in rural Rhode Island lived a kid who could have been the poster child of a high school loser. He had very little friends, barely left his house when not in school and shook like a leaf in his high-top sneakers at the thought of even […]

The Ten Commandments of Direct Response Copywriting

  As a Direct Response Copywriter who provides copywriting services in a large variety of markets, it’s important for me to always keep the fundamentals of what works in the forefront of my mind. And that is why I originally started writing these rules down with the idea of creating a “cheat sheet” of proven […]

How to Use “The Other” Headlines In Your Sales Copy

So, what exactly are “The Other” headlines? These are the sub-headlines which create what is called a double readership path as well as the bullet points which often do the main job of “selling” in your advertising and marketing. The Importance Of A Double Readership Path A double readership path refers to the idea that […]