Author: Robert Sean Pascoe

Copywriting Lessons From A Galaxy Far Far Away

I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan.  Well, of the original trilogy anyways. Over the years I’ve probably seen George Lucas’s first three classics from the late 70’s and early 80’s at least one hundred times each. In fact, 1980’s Empire Strikes Back was the first movie I actually saw live in the theater.  I was […]

The Importance Of Positioning In Copywriting

  So what exactly does Ice T (the musician and actor, not the drink) have to with copywriting? Well, on the surface not much. But being a master copywriter means looking at things differently and I try to find lessons in just about everything. Often something will trigger a memory that gets me thinking about […]

Copywriting Lessons From A Big Green Monster

Can you REALLY learn lessons in copywriting, marketing and entrepreneurialism from almost anything? I think so. At least I TRY to find topics from the most non-obvious sources that I can use as analogies to teach lessons to others.  One of the best sources are old TV shows.  Really any type of show, but I […]

The Power of Passion – Quick Copywriting Tip #9

  When writing sales copy you will always increase your chances of success if you get excited and write with PASSION. Why is this so important? Because passion is something missing from most writing of any kind and especially in any sort of advertising or marketing. When you write with real, heartfelt passion your readers […]

The Most Powerful Copy Skill

Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe from with another quick copywriting tip. This is all about writing BULLETS. Now, if you don’t know what a bullet is – it refers to those lists that usually start with a dot (looks like a bullet hole) and then give a short and punchy benefit statement. In my […]

The Importance of Sub Headlines – Quick Copywriting Tip #7

  Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe with another quick copywriting tip. Today I’m talking about sub-headlines and why they are so important to the flow of your sales copy. Basically, sub-headlines perform the crucial task of keeping your reader READING from the beginning of your copy, all the way to the end of your sales […]