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How To Vanquish The Time Vampires Forever

Do you know how to protect yourself from the dreaded Time Vampires?   What are they you ask?? Well, in this article I’ll tell you what they are and how to vanquish them from your life so you can be more productive and therefore increase your profits and overall success.  Why is this so important?  I’ll tell […]

An Easy Way For Entrepreneurs To Increase Their Profits

If you are interested in adding a potentially HUGE income stream to your business, then this article will hopefully FLOOD your mind with lots of ideas. Here’s the story… Recently I had a new potential client come to me who wanted to hire me to write sales copy for him.  Unfortunately, like far too many […]

The Importance Of Positioning In Copywriting

  So what exactly does Ice T (the musician and actor, not the drink) have to with copywriting? Well, on the surface not much. But being a master copywriter means looking at things differently and I try to find lessons in just about everything. Often something will trigger a memory that gets me thinking about […]

Writing That Sells – The Heart of Direct Response Copywriting

 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS Do you know what the true heart of direct response copywriting is? It’s writing that SELLS. In episode two of The World Class Copywriting and Marketing Podcast, you’ll discover: What top copywriters say the is #1 factor in being a genuinely GREAT copywriter… The fundamentals of “Making […]