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Using Ruthless Honesty – Quick Copywriting Tip #5

  Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe from WorldClassCopywriting.com with another quick copywriting tip Today I’m talking about being RUTHLESSLY HONEST in your copy to gain a sales advantage. Look, no product is perfect, and your prospect knows it. If you try to act like your product has no flaws, then your prospect won’t believe anything […]

Landing Page Secrets – Quick Copywriting Tip #3

  Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe with another quick copywriting tip. Today I’m talking about Landing Page Copy and what the secret ingredients are to maximize your rate of conversion First of all, when I say “Landing Page” I’m specifically referring to lead generation pages normally with the purpose of gaining an email address. This […]

The Secret of the Slippery Slide in Advertising

  Imagine you’ve done all the hard work of researching your market and product. You’ve developed a great theme to be the “BIG IDEA” of your sales message and a KILLER HEADLINE has been decided on to get the attention of your perfect prospect. But what’s going to keep them reading?  If for some reason […]

How To Become A Truly GREAT Direct Response Copywriter

Can Anyone Learn To Be A Great Direct Response Copywriter? That’s a question I’m often asked. And my answer is Yes. But only if you are willing to work hard at it. Let me explain further. Copywriting is not a talent you are born with. While there are some aspects of natural talent which may […]