Thank you for taking the time to check out my copywriting examples page.

This is a small display of both client work as well as promotions I have written for myself.

Due to confidentiality agreements in place with some of my bigger clients, I am unable to show all of my work, but I feel this is a good example of my copywriting style.  

*** Also, most of the work listed here are in their “Raw Form”. In other words, they are how I presented them to my clients, not necessarily how they looked after design elements were added.

I’m sure you will notice that I am heavily influenced by legendary copywriters like Gary Halbert, John Carlton, and Dan Kennedy.  By that, I mean, I write in a “Hard-Hitting, Grab ‘Em By The Eyeballs and Pull Them In” style of direct response copywriting. This may not be a good fit for everyone.  But IF you have the guts to run with, has been PROVEN to be VERY effective at both lead generation and especially in making sales.

Please take your time and read over the samples provided.  When you are finished, please fill out the form at the “Contact” page if you are interested in speaking about my copywriting services.  I will then get back to you soon.  You can click HERE to go there now.

Now, these copywriting examples only show the front page of the sales letters, website copy or online sales pages due to the sheer size of most of these promotions.