Direct Response Copywriter Robert Sean Pascoe Says…

“If You Are In Need Of Powerful Sales Copy That Will…

 SKYROCKET Your Sales, SUPERCHARGE Your Profits and ELIMINATE Your Fiercest Competitors…

Then I Want To Be YOUR New Advertising Secret Weapon!”

Dear Future Success Partner:

My name is Robert Sean Pascoe and I am a Direct Response Copywriter that specializes in creating cutting edge advertising and complete marketing campaigns built around…

Pull No Punches, Hard-Hitting Sales Copy That Gets FAST and POWERFUL Results!

Why Is This So Important To You?

There is so much competition in the world today for your business that if you want to be successful you MUST HAVE

… a clear and compelling sales message that grabs the attention of your ideal prospect…

…that pulls them into your ad so that you can tell them the FULL story of your product…

… and…


If not you might as well pack up shop, head home and start planning a funeral as your business will be on life support.

My job as a Direct Response Copywriter is to learn everything I can about you, your product and your target market…

…then take what I know about tested and proven salesmanship to create a…

Killer Sales Message That Will Grab Your Potential Customers Complete Attention and…

Create A Desire For Your Product Or Service So Powerful That They Won’t Be Able To Sleep Until They Have Given In…

 And Are Practically BEGGING You To Take Their Money!

It doesn’t matter what market you are in or what type of platform you are using to sell your product.

The fundamentals of master salesmanship that I use as the foundation for everything I write as a Direct Response Copywriter will work in any market and any way you choose to deliver your message including:

    • Online Sales Pages

    • Video Sales Letters

    • Direct Mail Sales Letters and Packages

    • Emails and Auto Responders

    • Squeeze Pages

    • Print Ads…

…everything used in modern marketing.

I can say with confidence that… “I Know What To Write For You To Get The Sale!

What Difference Will The Sales Copy I Write Make For You?

It’s the difference between just scraping by…maybe paying the bills… hopefully surviving another year… and THRIVING in every aspect of your life.

Literally, everything you can possibly want in life…

… boatloads of money…

… the biggest house in town…

… the unequaled respect and admiration of everyone you know…

… virtually anything!

It can ALL be accomplished by using the unbeatable power of…

Master Salesmanship Multiplied.

That’s What EVERY Sales Message I Write Is…

A Master Salesman Going Out To Tell The World About You, Your Product and To MAKE THE SALE!  

So Why Should You Hire Me As Your Direct Response Copywriter?

The main reason why you should choose me when deciding on a Direct Response Copywriter to write your next sales message is…


With over 30 years of advertising writing experience I have learned what works in a wide range of different businesses including:

… Writing my first ad for a mail order business at age 15…

… In my 20’s and early 30’s writing the online advertising that built a multi-million dollar business in the healthcare industry…

… Using my direct response copywriting skills to sell MILLIONS of dollars of residential real estate in the Greater Tampa, Florida area.

Obviously, I have a lifetime of REAL WORLD sales writing experience and RESULTS that speak for themselves that now give me the ability to practically create MONEY ON DEMAND for you!

What Is The Difference Between Hiring A Direct Response Copywriter and a Regular Ad Agency?

Traditional advertising agencies specialize in “brand advertising”… which basically means they spend tons and tons of YOUR money on campaigns that last at least several months…

… sometimes even YEARS in the hopes that when someone goes to the grocery store to buy a bottle of soda pop they’ll remember one name over another.

Most small business owners (yourself included I’m sure) can’t afford to spend hundreds of thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars on brand advertising.

That’s where I come in… 

I Specialize In Writing Sales Copy Which Can Be Tested, Measured And Asks For A Specific, Positive Action Like Telling Your Customer To Pull Out Their Credit Card To Buy Your Product… RIGHT NOW.

Now, before we go any further I’ve got to be 100% up front with you and tell you that I am NOT always the best fit for everyone and might not be a good fit for you.

First, I am not the most expensive Direct Response Copywriter you can hire… but I’m also NOT the cheapest.

I charge what I do because the results I will get for you will ALWAYS be worth to you many times over what I’m being paid.

Second, if you’re uncomfortable with what might be considered to be “SALESY” or “Hype Filled” copy, that is less than politically correct, well, you should probably look for another sales letter copywriter.

The sales copy I write IS a bit over the top… and it is filled with some hype.

Why? Because that’s what works!

If you’re afraid to “ruffle some feathers” then you are just never going to make the kind of money that you will if you are completely honest, open and are willing to cut right through the BS to the heart of what gets your potential customer’s juices flowing.

You have to push all of their “hot buttons” and get under their skin so that they can’t sleep at night due to fear of missing out on what you are offering them.

You need to be willing to grab your prospect by the throat and force feed all of the benefits you have and then like Marlon Brando in “The Godfather”…

“Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse.”

You do this by reversing all risk on the deal… then you eliminate all fears that your product might not live up to the promised expectations by offering an IRON CLAD GUARANTEE…

… that if for any reason at all they ask for their money back you’ll gladly refund every cent with no questions asked.

Finally, you sweeten the deal even more by going further than ANY of your competitors ever will with an EXTRA LONG guarantee…

… six months or a year or even a LIFETIME.

Of course you don’t mention that the longer the guarantee the higher the odds are that they’ll forget about it and NEVER ask for a return.

Heck, statistics prove that over half the people that buy something online or through mail order never even open the box when it gets to their house.

For many just the idea that they bought your product and can access its many benefits if they ever need them is reason enough to keep it around. 

Any Direct Response Copywriter worth your time and especially money will put a MAJOR emphasis on risk reversal to “Seal the Deal”.  

So How Can We Both Be Sure That We Will Be A Good Fit To Work Together? 

When I am looking for a client to work with these are the qualities I am looking for:

An Honest and Ethical Product and Company

No matter how persuasive the sales copy I write is it won’t do any long term good if the product I am selling and the company behind it are not completely honest and ethical.

The product must do exactly what we promise it does and the company must fulfill all promises and guarantees.

Besides that fact that it is just WRONG to ever rip off a customer.

In this age of social media your company will not survive if it develops a bad reputation and that is something I have no interest in being associated with.

An Understanding of Direct Response Advertising

Long copy has been proven to be the most effective way to sell anything…

… especially information products yet most people think that cute slogan or being funny is the way to create successful advertising and NOTHING could be further from the truth.

As a Direct Response Copywriter my ideal clients understand the basics of direct response advertising or will be willing to rely on my understanding and expertise on it…

… and will take off the handcuffs and allow me free reign to create the advertising that I KNOW will work.

A Willingness to Test

The only way to guarantee your advertising is going to be successful is to TEST… TEST… TEST!

Everything I write whether it be for Direct Mail or an Online Sales Letter, Landing Page or Email it is always a smart decision to have me create at least two versions of the headline (or subject line)…

… and the lead so that you can test those elements against each other and then roll out a large campaign behind the winning ad.

Really smart business owners will have me right another two or three versions of each ad so that they can do multiple split tests which increases the likeliness of having a very successful marketing campaign.  

An Open Mind

Really great sales copy can sometimes make you a little uncomfortable and that’s all right.

In fact, it’s a good thing if it is a little un-nerving as that’s the type of advertising a good direct response copywriter writes… the kind that shakes people out of their typical zombie like state.

It makes them sit up, take notice and think to themselves that “Hey, this might not be your typical advertising BS… maybe I better pay attention.


A masterpiece can’t be rushed!

Ok, so I’m not exactly creating great literature when I write BUT it takes time to craft the perfect sales message.

On average it takes me a week to properly research a product and then a week to write the first draft and then as much as two weeks to re-write multiple times until I am convinced I can’t improve it any further.

Any client I am working with needs to understand that the more time I take…

… the better the final product will be and the HIGHER PROFITS their business will enjoy.

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About Robert Sean Pascoe 

Direct Response Copywriter - Robert Sean Pascoe

Robert Sean Pascoe is a Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant that is available for hire for Freelance Copywriting Assignments or on a monthly retainer as a Marketing Consultant plus Copywriter.

He lives in Sunny Tampa, Florida with his wife Jessica (who is also a marketing professional) and their two kitties Ace and Hitch.

Robert uses a lifetime of SALES and BUSINESS BUILDING EXPERIENCE along with many years of marketing and copywriting training (Robert has studied in person under copywriting legends Ted Nicholas and Matt Furey) to help his clients WORLDWIDE to make more money through the use of Direct Response Marketing and Advertising.