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Attention Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Get Ready As this Top Sales Letter Copywriter Reveals…

How The Unbeatable Power Of A Direct Response Sales Letter Can Quickly and Easily EXPLODE Your Sales


Dear future success partner,

If you want to experience explosive growth in your business and with as little risk as possible, than there is still nothing more effective then a kick-ass direct response sales letter.

Since the internet changed the world you might think a sales letter is an antiquated way to market your products or services but you would be DEAD WRONG!

The truth is…

A Well-Written, Powerfully Persuasive Sales Letter…

Is Still The Most Effective Way To Turn Your Business Into…

A 24/7 Money-Making Machine!!!

The purpose of a sales letter is to…

  • Get the attention of your target market…
  • Build up interest…
  • Stoke desire…
  • And ultimately to have a specific action taken place…

That action could be an opt-in to an email list but most of the time it’s to make the sale.

Whether I am writing a Direct Mail Sales Letter or an Online Sales Page (basically the same thing but digitally), this is where the rubber meets the road in your marketing.

A Sales Letter Tells The Story of Your Product or Service…

And Explains The Full Benefits Your Prospect Receives From Buying From You

In a sales letter, you can overcome every single objection they might have pop in your prospect’s head…

And can hammer home ALL of the emotional benefits they’ll enjoy from buying from you…

PLUS the “logical” reasons they can use to justify to others why it such a “smart move” to make the purchase.

The RIGHT sales letter, being read by the RIGHT prospect, can be worth MILLIONS of dollars in increased revenue straight into your business.

That’s how important it is for you to hire a sales letter copywriting specialist like myself.

Don’t risk going with a “bargain basement” alternative.

A truly GREAT sales letter is THE best investment you can make in the success of your business!

Why is a sales letter so effective? Because a properly constructed sales letter is based on the time tested and proven psychology of master salesmanship.

There is no better way to tell the FULL story of your sales message.

To fully answer every possible objection your prospect might have.

And to fan the flames of desire by driving home the emotional benefits they’ll enjoy from buying from you.

Just ONE great sales letter being sent to the right target market has the power to not just make you a profit…


This is why I FIRMLY believe…

A Killer Sales Letter Written By A Professional Copywriter…

Is THE Best Investment You Can Make In Your Business!!!

Often within only days of sending a powerful sales letter to your market through the mail…

Or minutes after directing online traffic to a website sales page…

You can start seeing IMMEDIATE sales and NEW REVENUE flooding into your bank account!

Could there be any better feeling than watching those profits pile up?

There is simply NO OTHER form of advertising or marketing that will give you such immediate financial gratification.

A Powerfully Persuasive, Well-Researched Sales Letter…

Can Convert Even The Toughest Prospects Into Paying Customers and Clients

My copywriting idol, the late-great Dan Kennedy used to say his biggest pet peeve was when the business owners he was consulting with would say:

“That’s Not Going to Work With My Customers. My Business Is Different.”

He would say: ” NO IT ISN’T “

And then he would proceed to PROVE that fact to them by convincing them to test his sales letters and direct response copywriting tactics…

Which ALWAYS proved to be successful IF allowed to be done right.

This is the same thing I want to say to YOU if you are on the fence or have that little annoying voice called “self-doubt” whispering in your ear.

So, to make this a no-brainer decision…

I’ll Back Your Satisfaction For Any Sales Letter I Write For You With A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

That’s right. If you show me that your sales letter or online sales page hasn’t performed to a satisfactory level I’ll keep re-writing until it does at NO ADDITIONAL cost.

How can I make such an offer?  Because I am completely and totally confident in my ability to increase your sales and profits through my sales letter copywriting.

So, I KNOW if you are also an honest business person (which I am sure you are) that I will never have to worry about refunding your money.

This guarantee is here to eliminate ANY doubt you might have about making this investment in your business.

Let’s go ahead and schedule a time to speak about your business, it’s unique needs and how you can put the power of my sales letter writing to work for your business. 

Just hit the button below to get started now.

Sales Letter Copywriter


For Sales Letter Copywriter Robert Sean Pascoe


What is a Sales Letter?

Traditionally a sales letter was exactly what it sounds like. A letter sent to potential customers with the intent of persuading them to buy something.

Over the years a sales letter has evolved into on the most powerful forms of advertising whether it’s still sent via the mail, put up on a website landing page or turned into the script for a video presentation.

In my opinion as a professional copywriter, there is still no form of advertising or marketing more powerful than a direct response sales letter and you should absolutely consider using one in your business.

How do you write a Sales Letter?

There are entire books and courses available that teach the basics of writing a sales letter, and even then it takes YEARS of study and practice to get good at this craft. But I’ll give you a quick overview here of how I write a sales letter and then I’ll give you some recommended resources to learn more. 

First before starting a sales letter you always begin with conducting careful research into the WANTS, NEEDS, DESIRES or PROBLEMS your target market is most concerned with. You do this so you can write from a place of empathy and join the conversation your prospect is already having internally.  

In other words, you need to know what your potential customer or client is so concerned with they are obsessing over it, many even to the point of it keeping them awake at night. 

Ultimately, you want to use your sales letter to speak to them about what they care concerned with and position your product or service as being the cure for what hurts or the fulfillment of their desires. 

For a GREAT starting resource on how to write a sales letter, I highly recommend Dan Kennedy’s excellent book The Ultimate Sales Letter which you can get for under $20 on Amazon. 

Again, it takes YEARS and YEARS of study, practice and real-world experience to be able to write a sales letter that can potentially be worth fortunes. And I’ve spent those years perfecting this skill and am available to write a profit-pulling sales letter for you.  Contact me for more information. 

Can anyone learn how to write a Sales Letter?

Great copywriters are made… not born.

So, theoretically, anyone who is willing to put in the work to master this skill should be able to write an effective sales letter.

But, it does take two things most busy entrepreneurs don’t have…

  1. The time it would take to learn how to write a truly great sales letter.
  2. The desire to master yet another highly specialized skill.

Now, this isn’t to suggest for a second that there is any laziness in play. It has nothing to do with that, but rather the fact is, it takes more hours than there are in a day to handle all of the tasks of running a successful business.

More importantly, you have core skills and knowledge of your business which no one else has and it is critical to the success of your business for you to spend your valuable time attending to the things you do best.

This is why you should hire a professional sales letter copywriter such as myself… because that’s what I do best!

I’ve spent most of my life in sales and marketing with the last several years working as a full-time freelance copywriter specializing in writing hard-hitting, profit-pulling sales letters.

Now, I have “paid my dues” on the frontlines of the often-brutal business wars.

I’ve made enough mistakes to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing profit-pulling sales letters.

In other words, my copywriting knowledge isn’t just from books and seminars but from working with a wide variety of clients in a vast number of industries.  And having to deliver sales letters that GET THE JOB DONE.

This is why I am 100% confident in my abilities to be able to produce the RESULTS you need.

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