A high-converting landing page is a critical element of a well-rounded online marketing plan and we offering Freelance Copywriting Services.

As a professional landing page copywriter, it’s my job to write compelling copy that grabs the attention of your website traffic…

… and persuades them to qualify themselves as a lead for you to then market your product or services to.

You do this by immediately offering a big benefit in your headline to…

… keep them reading your full message that then leads them into either opting into your email list…

… or to making a call or request for more information.

Whatever the action is that you influence your prospects to take, the ultimate objective with a landing page isn’t to close the sale…

… but to QUALIFY them as a solid lead to THEN market to with the full power of your sales message.

Often this is accomplished by adding your lead to your email list.  Once they are on your list, you can start sending them emails that take them from being a “warm” lead to a paying customer or client Freelance Copywriting Services.

A Great Landing Page Copywriter Offers More Than Just On-Page Copy

There are actually several critical parts to a successful online marketing plan that a competent landing page copywriter should be able to handle for you.

Most notably, in order to get the “Opt-In” or the “Action”, you want your prospect to take…

… there needs to be something of real VALUE offered to them.

This “something” is often a Special Report, Cheat-Sheet, Toolkit or E-book that is of real interest to your target audience. It must have enough perceived value that they are willing to hand over one of their most valuable possessions…

… which is their personal information.

Yes, in many ways your private contact info is JUST as or even MORE important to them than cash and Freelance Copywriting Services.

So, this is why you MUST invest a significant amount of time and resources to create the best possible freebie you can to offer to your prospect.

This freebie used to entice your prospect to opt-in is called a “Lead Magnet”.

And writing and creating your lead magnet is another job any landing page copywriter you hire should be able to take care of for you.

This is one of MY specialties as a professional landing page copywriter.

In fact, I always offer a special package deal for my clients.  This would include the creation of your lead magnet plus the writing of your actual landing page.

But what happens after the opt-in? Again, this is where email marketing and sales page copywriting come into play.

A Professional Landing-Page Copywriter Should Also Be Proficient In Email Marketing and Sales Page Copywriting

Really, if you want to increase your odds of overall success in your marketing endeavors, it’s advantageous to have a freelance copywriter on your team who can do it all.

Specifically, you need a copywriter who is a “Direct Response” specialist.

A direct response copywriter is a master salesperson who uses those advanced skills to create irresistibly influential marketing communications. 

An experienced and well-rounded direct response copywriter should be able to produce explosive results for you by offering a combination of services that work together.

Ideally, this would include:

  • Google Search or Social Media Advertising
  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Page Copywriting

These are all services I not only offer but am considered an expert in.

Together, these copywriting services together will create a “near-perfect” online marketing plan. 

A plan designed to consistently drive quality leads into your business that will convert into sales.

I would love to speak with you about the unique marketing needs.

After discussing where your business is now and your goals for the future…

… I would give you my detailed recommendations in a customized copywriting and marketing proposal.

If that sounds good, just text me at 727-269-1121 or email me at RSP@worldclasscopywriting.com to schedule a time for us to talk.

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