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Here’s How to Rapidly…

SUPERCHARGE Your Sales, SKYROCKET Your Profits, & Drive A FLOOD of New Paying Customers Into Your Business…

Almost Overnight!!! 

Are You Ready to Build A BETTER, BIGGER and MORE Profitable Business…

Filled with Loyal PAYING Customers …

WITHOUT Working Longer, Harder and More Stressful Hours Away from Your Family?

If The Answer Is “YES” Then Keep Reading and I’ll Show You How!!!


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:                                                                 

If your business isn’t bringing in the revenue you need for you to live the life you and your family deserve to have…

… then it most likely has NOTHING to do with the quality of your product or service…

… and EVERYTHING to do with three crucial factors I can help you with.

What are those three factors that are so vital to the success of your business?

Above all, in order to maximize your sales and profits, you MUST…

  1. Target the right prospect…
  2. Create the right offer for that prospect…
  3. Deliver the right sales message to that prospect.

If you are missing any of those three success ingredients, then your business is going to soon either be on life-support or worse.

On the other hand…

If You Have The Right Message, Featuring the Right Offer, Delivered To The Right Audience…

The Money Will NEVER Stop POURING Into Your Bank Account!

With this in mind, I think you’ll agree that getting those three important steps right is pretty darn important.

So, what do you need to do in order to make sure you don’t miss the mark with ANY of these three vital parts to your business success?

Well, that’s where I come in.

My name is Robert Sean Pascoe (call me Sean or RSP for short) and I specialize in working with Entrepreneurs just like you who are looking for ways to maximize profits …

… WITHOUT taking unnecessary risks…

… WITHOUT adding to their stress … and…

… WITHOUT increasing their workload.

As a Direct Response Copywriter, my job is to learn everything I can about you, your product and your target market…

…then take what I know about tested and proven salesmanship to create a…

Killer Sales Message That Grabs Your Prospect’s Complete Attention and…

Creates A Burning Desire Which Will Only Be Fulfilled By Giving To Buy What You Are Selling!

Look, I can honestly say that I know what to write for you to get the sales and increased revenue you need.

Why am I so confident? Because after years of struggling in many different businesses I discovered the secret to success in business has…

… Nothing to do with LUCK…

… Nothing to do with a SUPERIOR product or service…

… and EVERYTHING to do with the time-tested and proven methods of world-class salesmanship.

 If You Take Those World-Class Salesmanship Skills and Multiply Them With The Power of Direct Response Advertising… 

… there is NOTHING you can’t accomplish…

… no goal out of reach …

… and there will always be an unlimited amount of wealth and success at your fingertips!

Now, I think you are beginning to see what the secret to my success as a copywriter is.

Literally, every sales message I write is…

 A Master Salesperson Going Out into The World…

To Tell the Full Benefits of Your Product or Service to A Carefully Selected Audience of Perfect Prospects in Order To…


As a result of what you’ve read so for you might be interested in hiring me. Maybe to advise you on your marketing or to write the sales copy for your business.

So, before we go any further I have to be 100% up front with you and tell you that…

… I am NOT always the best fit for everyone who wants to hire me and I may not be a good fit for you.

Now, why would I tell you this?

Because the truth is I don’t HAVE to work with very many clients to make a great living.  I have my own business ventures I use my copywriting for and could stop taking clients right now and be fine… but…

 I ENJOY Working with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs and Have a Passion for Helping Others Achieve Their Goals.

If working with a client isn’t fun and rewarding, I would rather just spend that time on my other projects.

This is why I am VERY particular about who I will agree to work with.

So, who would I rather NOT contact me?

First of all, I am NOT interested in working with “bargain hunters”.  I have been down that road and it is not a fun experience.

In all honesty, what I charge is based on the results I know I can produce for you.

Now, for anyone who is looking to hire the CHEAPEST, rather than the BEST, I highly recommend going to the job posting boards. You can find hundreds of rookie and non-native English speaking copywriters there who will work for pennies.

But, PLEASE remember… You almost ALWAYS get what you pay for.

Consequently, hiring a copywriter to save your business is a lot like hiring a surgeon to save your life. And, I certainly wouldn’t want to go with the CHEAPEST option for either job!


I Write In An EDGY, DIRECT and LESS Than Politically Correct Style… WHY? Because It Gets RESULTS! 

So, if you’re uncomfortable with that style of writing you should probably look for another copywriter.

The fact is, if you’re afraid to “ruffle some feathers” then you’re most likely not going to make the kind of money that you will if you are willing to push your prospect’s “hot buttons”…

… and get under their skin so they can’t sleep at night due to fear of missing out on the benefits of what you are offering them.

Unfortunately, most people, even normally gutsy entrepreneurs, have a hard time being as bold as they should be when selling.

So, let me do the selling for you!

I Will Craft a KILLER Sales Message Which Will Drive More Sales and Increased Profits Straight Into Your Pocket. 

And, if you are shaking in your shoes over the thoughts of anyone who might take things the “wrong” way, you can always put the blame on your “freelancer” (me).

So, now that we’ve covered why “some” (I’m pretty sure, not you) entrepreneurs might feel I’m not who they are looking to work with…

… let’s now go over the …


The truth is, there are only so many hours in the day and therefore only so many clients I can take on, so I have to be very selective with who I choose to have a business relationship with.

With that in mind, here’s the 5 MUST HAVE qualities I look for in a client to work with:

1. An Understanding Of Direct Response Advertising: 

To start with, a basic knowledge of direct response advertising is VITAL to us working together.

Things like knowing that long copy is a key to selling, or understanding that WORDS are far more important than DESIGN, or knowing the power of having a BOLD offer and STRONG guarantee.

Hence, being on the same page with the fundamentals of Direct Response Advertising is essential to us successfully working together.

2. Ethics and Honesty:

Above all, it’s really important for me to work with clients whose products do as promised and who keep their word with their customers.

Look, I want all of my clients to be as successful as possible and it’s in your best interest to always sell an ethical product and to be 100% honest with your customers.

Most importantly, what’s the biggest benefit to you?

And the end result, you’ll have customers for LIFE and we’ll enjoy long-term success together.

3. Patience: 

The truth is, it sometimes takes a LONG time to create a great sales message which delivers positive results.

Even more, that while I will entertain the idea of handling rush orders on a case by case basis, I prefer to have a full 4 weeks to write any promotion.

Why so long?

Well, this includes the time it takes to do deep research on the market and product. Also, it sometimes takes multiple re-writes until I am happy enough to present the first draft to my client, plus any requested revisions.

Trust me, in the end, you will be VERY happy I took the time to write the very best sales copy I could for you, as you’ll see very tangible effects in MORE sales and BIGGER profits.

4. A Willingness to TEST, TEST, TEST:

In my opinion, there is nothing more crucial to success in direct response advertising than to scientifically test as many aspects of advertising and marketing as you possibly can.

This includes testing two or three completely different ads against each other. Testing different offers. Testing different guarantees, different headlines, different openers, different closes, etc. for instance.

The more you dedicate yourself to testing, the more revenue you will enjoy.

5. An Openness To Building A Long-Term Working Relationship:

Ultimately, I would love to only deal with potentially long-term clients on a royalty or partnership level.

There are many benefits for you, as the client, in this kind of working relationship. Including my developing a deep familiarity with your product or service and especially your target market.

Above all, the better I get to know your market, the better the copy I write will result in increased profits for your business.

You would also have the added benefit of my working exclusively with you when it comes to your particular market and not your competition.

Best of all, I would be your personal advertising “SECRET WEAPON”.

As a result, you’ll have an almost unfair advantage over your toughest competitors.

Here’s What To Do Next…

If you are ready to explore ways we can work together. Let’s make sure your business is covering all three crucial areas of sales success by scheduling a time to talk over the phone or Skype.

Now, while I normally charge $197 per hour for consulting services I offer a 100% FREE 20-minute consultation with any potential clients I feel could be a good fit for my services.

I offer this to learn as much as I can about your business and your copy needs. And to determine whether we should explore working together further.

Please fill out the following form and then I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to possibly beginning a prosperous relationship together.


P.S. By the way, here are a couple of testimonials from past clients:

I got 10 times more work than what I paid for, Robert, is a very dedicated copywriter and delivered outstanding work.  Furthermore, I’m extremely pleased and I’m 100% sure that will do business with him again.

Oscar Armendariz
Obedient Technology

Excellent sales copy that captured my key points and target market. Can’t wait to test it out on my online sales funnel. Thank you.

Carl Sudholz
AG Context

Fantastic Work! Can’t-Wait To Report Back The Results!

Justin Mason
Tracy, California

Robert was extremely timely, asks the right questions and presented great sales letters. I will absolutely recommend Robert as a Copywriter.  Certainly, I will likely be working with him again soon! Thank you!

Ashton Hayes
The Scheduling Institute
Atlanta, Georgia


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