Email marketing is the fastest and easiest way to generate more sales in your business.

But… ONLY if you are writing emails the RIGHT way.

As an experienced Email Copywriter, I know how to write emails that get OPENED, READ and CLICKED.

And what does that mean to you?

More Sales… More Engagement… More Money

In my opinion, a well planned and executed email campaign should be the core of your business plan.

Why is email marketing so powerful?

It’s because email is something you completely control.

With other types of advertising, you have to compete with hundreds (if not thousands) of competing distractions.

But when you send someone an email, you have the opportunity to mimic a truly one-on-one conversation. 

A conversation you are in complete control of. 

And as long as you don’t lose your reader’s attention, you can sell them over and over on the benefits you are offering them until they eventually give in and buy.

But it takes time to learn how to write really persuasive emails. Emails that SELL.

Don’t risk losing sales due to poorly written emails.  Let me do the writing for you.

As someone who has trained directly with the #1 email copywriter in the world, I’m an expert in writing emails that convert into SALES.

So, contact me now to schedule a free, no-obligation copywriting and email marketing consultation.

We’ll discuss how I can create an email campaign for YOU that will open the floodgates to more buying customers.

Email Copywriter

Email Marketing Is The Foundation Of A Solid Lead Generation System

A constant flow of new customers is the lifeblood of your business. 

This is what email marketing will help provide.

Many entrepreneurs make a HUGE mistake in not consistently running campaigns to bring new potential customers into a sales funnel for your business.

Whether you are selling a product or a service…

… if you are not ALWAYS cultivating new business you will eventually hit a GIANT roadblock. 

One that will stop your cash flow faster than you can say BANKRUPTCY. 

Among my copywriting specialties is in creating lead generation campaigns that will drive a FLOOD of new potential customers into your business.

Lead generation campaigns that utilize the POWER of email copywriting to generate the EXPLOSIVE results you need.

These campaigns typically start with Google Search or Social Media advertising to entice your target market to join your email list.

This is followed up with a series of emails designed to nurture these leads and convert them into paying customers or clients.

It may take one or two emails…

… or it could take dozens of emails (or even more) to properly influence them to act.

Can you imagine how expensive this kind of constant marketing would cost using any other form of media?

Truly, there is NOTHING else that compares with being able to continually build a relationship with your market.

A relationship that only becomes more profitable over time…

… IF you can write the kind of emails that can get that job done.

Hire An Email Copywriter You Can Depend On 

With over 16 years of real-world advertising, marketing, and copywriting experience I wrote my first email campaign all the way back in 2003.

These emails helped build a multi-million dollar business in the healthcare niche.

Later, I sold millions of dollars in residential real estate using my email copywriting skills to engage, qualify and influence my potential customers into being buyers.

As a professional direct response copywriter, I have written successful individual emails and entire email autoresponder series for clients in a wide variety of niches.

I credit the email copywriting skills I’ve developed to being taught by the man who is considered to be the world’s greatest and most successful email copywriter – Matt Furey.

Matt has made more money with emails than probably anyone else alive and I had the privilege to learn from him directly at one his legendary three-day copywriting seminars…

… as well as through a private Facebook email coaching group where I learned the ninja-level secrets that make email copywriting so powerful.

Now, if you can afford to hire Matt Furey directly, I HIGHLY recommend it as there is NO better email copywriter alive today.

But, you better have deep pockets as hiring Matt won’t come cheap.

The second best option is to hire one of his students such as myself. While I would never claim to be as good as Matt, I am VERY confident in what I have learned from him.

In fact, I GUARANTEE you will get a positive return on investment from my email copywriting or I’ll tweak them until they do…

… at NO additional cost to you.

You have absolutely NOTHING to lose and a WORLD of profits to gain.


Let’s set up a time to talk about how my email copywriting will give you a huge advantage over even your toughest competition.

There’s absolutely NO obligation and there will be ZERO pressure to hire me. We’ll just talk about your business and the return on investment a well thought out email marketing plan could provide for you.

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