3 Reasons To Hire Robert As Your Freelance Copywriter

Direct Response Copywriting Specialist

Direct Response Copywriting Specialist – Robert Sean Pascoe

Dear Friend,

When you are seeking a freelance copywriter to hire, there are important decisions you have to make, including whether you are more concerned with COST or VALUE.

Now, what is the difference? Well, a COST centric business owner only thinks about the immediate out-of-pocket expense associated with getting their sales message written, instead of looking at the big picture of what they will GAIN from hiring a more expensive, yet more experienced and competent copywriter.

On the other hand, a VALUE centric business owner knows that the only thing which really matters is the RESULTS that the copywriter will get them…

… and if you look at things from a bird’s eye view, having a true world-class copywriter available to craft powerful sales copy for you as needed is one of the most important INVESTMENTS you can ever make in the success of your business.

With that in mind, here’s the…

3 Reasons Why Robert Should Be Your Go-To Direct Response Copywriter


While most 40 something men spend their days dreaming about hitting the golf course or throwing back some cold ones while watching a game…

… Robert is always obsessing over how to improve his copywriting and marketing skills.

Even on vacation, you’ll find him with a pen and notepad in hand, working on perfecting sales copy for one of his clients or studying some of his extensive collection of winning advertising that goes back to the mid-1800s.

On a daily basis, Robert takes the studying of his craft to a higher level by setting aside at least two hours per day to write out classic advertising word-for-word until his writing hand has completely cramped up and he can write no more.

Why would he do that? Because it’s proven that is a neurological connection between writing by hand and deep retention of knowledge on a subconscious level.

Even though most people would find this to be tedious beyond tolerability, Robert THRIVES on it.

But, what does this mean to you?

You probably could care less about Robert’s slightly “eccentric” ways but what IS important to you or anyone considering hiring a copywriter is who you DON’T WANT to trust with such an important job.

The fact is, there are a TON of newbies who have recently hung their shingle as copywriter due to hearing it was an easy way to make “big money”.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money and we all have bills to pay. But there’s a HUGE difference between someone just “doing it for the money” and someone who truly loves what he does and takes immense pride in every single copywriting project he takes on.

Robert’s Passion for Copywriting Is The Edge YOU Need In Your Business!!!

Some would say “Passion” is the missing ingredient in many person’s pursuits of success.

But for Robert, when it comes to copywriting, it is what comes naturally to him and as his client, YOU are the one who will benefit.

Yes, even if you even have trouble getting excited about what you are selling, Robert will find a way through HIS passion for copywriting to find the what gets your target audience’s juices flowing…

… and more importantly, GETS THEM BUYING!


In many ways, you could say Robert has been writing advertising and marketing copy most of his life.

Starting when he was just 15, he started his own mail-order business which he wrote his first advertising for. Soon after came an odd jobs business by advertising in local newspapers and coupon buyer guides.

By the early 2000s, Robert was part of a startup medical staffing business where the job of writing the online advertising and email marketing fell upon him. 

This was where he first discovered the power of combining direct response copywriting with online marketing as this business became a multi-million-dollar company in only a few years.

Over the next several years Robert studied every book and took every course on copywriting and marketing he could find.

Becoming a MASTER of this thing called “Direct Response Copywriting” was his new life goal…

… and he took that goal VERY seriously.

Eventually, Robert put his copywriting and marketing skills in the real estate industry. He spent five years working with individual agents and brokerages to develop targeted leads through his direct mail sales letters and then nurture those leads into buyers and sellers through email marketing.

After being responsible for millions of dollars in real estate sales Robert decided to head out on his own as a freelance direct response copywriter.

Since officially launching his freelancing business, Robert has worked with entrepreneurs all over the world to create hard-hitting, powerfully persuasive and undeniably influential advertising and marketing campaigns.

Now, YOU can put Robert’s years of experience to work for YOUR business as your new…

Advertising and Marketing Secret Weapon Of Mass Persuasion!!!

That’s right! Having Robert available to you will give you an almost UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your toughest competition.

Without the expense that comes from having a full-time copywriter on your payroll, you can shoot Robert a text or email with your copywriting needs and rest assured that your advertising and marketing message will be in his capable hands.

But, can you REALLY be 100% sure that even with Robert’s PASSION and EXPERIENCE that he’s the right copywriter for you to hire?

Well, that brings us to… 


It might seem like a cliché, but when it comes to Robert’s clients… he’s not happy until they are thrilled.

Thrilled with…

… the RESULTS they get from the sales copy…

… with the SUPERIOR SERVICE they have received…

and with the EASE OF MIND that comes from my guarantee of satisfaction.

Look, this goes way beyond good feelings. It’s really all about good business.

The bottom line is people talk.

Robert knows that a bad reputation will spread through the business world like a wildfire. 

That’s just a fact of life.

Negative experiences tend to get far more “Word of Mouth” traction than anything positive. It’s just human nature.

Ultimately, Robert considers himself a fiduciary – someone who is more of a trusted advisor and partner than just a hired gun.

He believes his client’s success is his greatest possible reward.

Need More Reasons To Hire Robert?

The truth is, every business is different. All with unique copywriting needs that can only be addressed on a case by case basis with the freelance copywriter who will handle them.

So, here’s what you should do right now:

Go ahead and contact Robert today via email at rsp@worldclasscopywriting.com to schedule a 100% Free Copywriting and Marketing Consultation.

It’ll take just 20 or 30 minutes over the phone or SKYPE. And will be filled with actionable advice for your business whether you hire him or not.

Again, there’s absolutely NOTHING to lose, so email Robert RIGHT NOW while this is still fresh in your mind.

Just put “FREE CONSULTATION” in the subject line. And add the following information to the email which will help Robert be properly prepared for your meeting:

  1. Your Personal and Business Name
  2. The Best Times of Availability
  3. Your Website (If you have one)
  4. Tell Robert A Little About Your Business
  5. Let Him Know What You Believe Your Copywriting Needs Are

Robert will get back to you right away to schedule your FREE Consultation.

It may just be THE most valuable call of your life, so act email him right away!

Again, just email Robert today at rsp@worldclasscopywriting.com

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