Copywriting Pricing


So, how much is it going to cost to have me write your sales copy? 

Well, it depends on MANY different factors. 

Now I could try to give you a quote without us talking but it would be plucked out of thin air. 

It’s kind of like going to a doctor when you’re not feeling well. 

If they were to just write you a prescription or schedule surgery without asking questions or examining you I think you would run out of that office as fast as you could.

While I’m not a doctor I have been called “The Practitioner of Persuasion” as I write powerfully persuasive sales copy for my clients. 

But every business is different with very unique needs. 

In order to properly advise you and give you an accurate price for my services, I need to speak with you.

It’s vital I learn about your business, what your current marketing looks like, and most importantly what your goals are for the future. 

Then I can create a proposal with different options based on what I now know along with my experience as a copywriter and marketing consultant. 

By having a quick call I can give you an educated estimate rather than just taking a shot in the dark.

If that sounds good please send an email to, send a text to 727-269-1121 or click the button below to go to my official contact page.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Robert Pascoe

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