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Robert Sean Pascoe is a freelance direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who works with entrepreneurs worldwide to create advertising and marketing campaigns that maximize their profits.

With 16 years of copywriting experience and a lifetime in sales, Robert knows how to use the power of words to sell virtually anything to anyone, especially if the market has been properly defined.

Robert enjoys primarily working with small business owners to sell more of their products and services through the power of direct response advertising and marketing.

He has written sales copy for companies in such diverse niches as Weight Loss Supplements, Skin Care, Male Enhancement, Local Marketing Agencies, Live Event Seminars, Software Developers, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Brokerages, Marketing Consultants and many, many more.

A Bit On The Personal Side…

Robert lives in Tampa, Florida with his beautiful wife Jessica. 

Married for close to seven years, they have a fun and adventurous life.  Oh, and they are “pet parents” to two VERY spoiled kitty cats named Hitch and Ace.

When not busy working, Jessica and Robert love traveling and trying out new restaurants.

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Robert and Jessica Pascoe

Robert and Jessica both love music.  Attending live concerts is one of their favorite hobbies. Robert also plays guitar and bass with Jessica being a very talented percussionist. 

Robert is also a HUGE fan of the rock band KISS.  He collects anything to do with the band including many autographed items.

How Robert Can Help You Today

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