The Power of Passion – Quick Copywriting Tip #9

Power of PassionPower of Passion

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When writing sales copy you will always increase your chances of success if you get excited and write with PASSION.

Why is this so important? Because passion is something missing from most writing of any kind and especially in any sort of advertising or marketing.

When you write with real, heartfelt passion your readers will immediately take note and be affected by the message you are conveying to them.

There’s also another important reason why writing with passion is so critical to being successful with your copywriting.

And that’s if you present nothing but cold facts and logic you risk boring your prospects practically to death or at least putting them to sleep.

The Truth Is, There is Nothing That Will Kill Your Chances of Making a Sale Faster Than Losing the Attention of Your Prospect.

The second your potential customer starts yawning or think what you are saying doesn’t relate to them…

… or offer them some sort of benefit to keep reading or listening…

… then you’ve lost them. Maybe even forever.

Now, there IS a place for logic, facts and features.

But they need to be passionately tied to the emotional benefits that your prospect is really interested in.

Passion Is the Secret Ingredient To Writing Effective Sales Copy and It’s What Many Entrepreneurs Fail to Grasp When Writing Their Own Ads.

Now, you might be thinking “How do I write passionately about a subject that bores me to tears?”

Well, it really makes no difference at all if you feel the product or service you are writing about is inherently dull.

You Must Find A Way To Bring Some Excitement Into Your Sales Message By Finding An Emotional Benefit to Attach To It.

Hopefully, a CORE EMOTIONAL BENEFIT Your Prospect Will Be Excited About.

If you do your research and put yourself in the shoes of your prospect, you’ll find there are usually ways to make even the most mundane product or service more enticing.

From this point on I give you permission to…
Be BOLD with your writing.
Be FEARLESS with your writing.
Write with PASSION!!!

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