The Importance of Sub Headlines – Quick Copywriting Tip #7

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Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe with another quick copywriting tip.

Today I’m talking about sub-headlines and why they are so important to the flow of your sales copy.

Basically, sub-headlines perform the crucial task of keeping your reader READING from the beginning of your copy, all the way to the end of your sales message.

They provide EYE RELIEF by breaking your copy up into easier to read chunks plus help convey the benefits of what you are selling to the skimmers among us.

The best way to do this is to have a sub-head which is almost as powerful as your main headline placed every 200 to 300 words throughout your sales letter or sales page.

It should be bold and larger than your regular text.

My preference is to have the main text 12 point and the sub-head to be 16 or 18 point, so it really stands out.

Sometimes I will also make it a different color like red to contrast the black text of the body copy.

If done right the sub-heads should act like additional headlines which both focus your attention and progressively unveil the story behind your product or service, as well as shout the big benefits of what you are selling.

The ultimate goal of the sub-heads is to move your prospect along through your sales message all the way to the close…

… or at least raise their interest enough to get them to go back to the beginning so they can read ALL of the details which were missed when they were “skimming”.

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