Order Form Secrets – Quick Copywriting Tip #4

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Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe from WorldClassCopywriting.com with another quick copywriting tip.

Today I’m talking about how to write your order form.

Your order form should act as a mini-sales letter for your product, reinforcing the



… which is the main selling point of your copy.

This is your chance to remind your prospect of the GREAT decision he or she is making by buying your product…

… and all of the BIG BENEFITS coming their way as a result of completing the transaction.

It never hurts to flatter your customer by telling them how smart they are for making the decision to buy but make sure you don’t ever come off as pandering.

If you are selling a good product you truly believe in and know it is really going to benefit the buyer then why not…

What Are Some Important Elements to the Order Form?

Your order form should always include…

A Call to Action

A Summary of the Benefits

All Payment Options

An Explanation of Shipping Charges (If Any)
Reinforcement of Your Risk-Reversal Guarantee

The order form should be so simple, clear, direct and fool-proof that even a small child should be able to fully understand the process of completing the transaction.

If your typical fifth grader couldn’t easily finish the order, then keep on simplifying it until they can!

By sticking to the proven winning elements to closing the deal you are sure to have more overall success. And should prove itself in the only way which really matters… a fatter bank account.

If you could use some help writing killer sales copy for your business, then please send a quick email to me at rsp@worldclasscopywriting.com and we’ll set up a time to talk about how my sales copywriting services can create a truly powerful sales message that grows your bottom line… FAST!

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