Landing Page Secrets – Quick Copywriting Tip #3

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Hey, it’s Robert Sean Pascoe with another quick copywriting tip.

Today I’m talking about Landing Page Copy and what the secret ingredients are to maximize your rate of conversion

First of all, when I say “Landing Page” I’m specifically referring to lead generation pages normally with the purpose of gaining an email address.

This is all so you can follow up with targeted email marketing.

Now, I’ve got to tell you. When it comes to landing pages, I’ve written ALL KINDS for my copywriting clients including very fancy looking landing pages, long copy landing pages and short and simple landing pages.

Typically when it comes to “Direct Response Advertising” which is my specialty as a copywriter the rule is LONG COPY outperforms SHORT COPY…

But in my opinion, when it comes to writing a lead generation landing page… SHORT and SIMPLE is the clear-cut winner.

Not just with the copy, but also the design.
I’ve personally tested out several different types of landing pages for my own business and have found SHORT and SIMPLE just works better…

I think it’s because you’re not asking for a sale.
You are asking for contact info in exchange for something so what you really need to do it quickly convey VALUE and CURIOSITY with what you are offering…

So, you really only need THREE main elements when writing a high converting landing page.

#1. A headline that promises a big benefit for opting in

#2. A short description that elaborates on that big benefit and then calms any fears your prospect might have about being spammed by giving you their email address

#3. A simple opt in box that only asks for the email address (Not first name, last name, or anything else that could cause someone to NOT be comfortable) and has straight to the point “call to action” button…

… something like SUBSCRIBE, JOIN or DOWNLOAD NOW

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