The Secret of the Slippery Slide in Advertising

Pro Copywriting Tip #1Pro Copywriting Tip #1


Imagine you’ve done all the hard work of researching your market and product.

You’ve developed a great theme to be the “BIG IDEA” of your sales message and a KILLER HEADLINE has been decided on to get the attention of your perfect prospect.

But what’s going to keep them reading? 

If for some reason your prospect gets bored or distracted by something else which seems to be more deserving of their immediate attention…

… you risk NEVER get them back!

So, what do you do to keep your prospect’s eyes glued to reading every word of your sales message…

… ALL THE WAY to the close?

Well, there are several ways to keep them reading, but first, let me ask you a question…

Have You Heard of the “Slippery Slide” in Advertising?

This is a term I first heard mentioned by John Carlton, but I believe it originally was coined by direct response legend Joe Sugarman.

Mr. Sugarman is famous for marketing the “Blu Blocker” sunglasses which had those cheezie late night commercials with the guy rapping about them. 

But did you know those silly commercials made MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of sales?

Mr. Sugarman truly is a MASTER of direct response copywriting, having cut his teeth in the brutal world of print advertising…

… where if you didn’t maximize every single dollar spent…

… you would lose your shirt faster than a penny falling from the empire state building.

One of the keys to Joe’s success as a copywriter and marketer is by using the “Slippery Slide” method in structuring his advertising.

Okay, So What the Heck Is the Slippery Slide?

The slippery slide refers to the idea that your sales copy should be compelling enough so your prospect is constantly moving through your sales message…

… at a brisk, exciting pace…

… right until the very end where you ask for the sale.

Your sales copy should be like a steep slide which just had a gallon of baby oil poured down it, so when you climb to the top and sit down, as soon as you slightly tip over the edge…


… gravity suddenly is in control and you’re FLYING along until you reach the bottom.

What Does the Slippery Slide in Your Sales Copy Consist Of?

The slippery slide in your sales copy begins with your lead (pre-headline, headline, and deck copy) which lets them know there IS a ride they need to take…

… your opening gets them into position and then starting to briskly move down in an EASY way…

… and then everything else from your sub-headlines to your story to your bullets keep your prospect easily sliding on down until they eventually arrive at your offer and close.

Your sales copy needs to be EASIER to read…

… then NOT to read. With nothing getting in the way to slow your prospect down.

This is how ALL great sales copy is structured.

You’ve probably never noticed it. Why? Because the goal is for someone to not even realize they are being SOLD.

Instead, they should be totally engrossed in the story of your product and what it can do for them.

Now you have personally entered a new state of awareness and you’ll never be able to “Not See” this structure again.

There are many more master copywriting tricks to keeping your prospect reading and we’ll cover those in the next edition of my “Pro Copywriting Tips”.

In Closing: 

I hope you enjoyed this first blog post in my series of “Pro Copywriting Tips”. 

Check back soon for the “Secret of the Bucket Brigade”.

Now, if you want to have an even greater advantage in writing advertising and marketing pieces that convert into sales I’d like to invite you to download a free digital copy of my book that reveals my step-by-step blueprint to writing headlines. 

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