3 Common Copywriting Mistakes You Might Be Making RIGHT NOW

Common Copywriting MistakesCommon Copywriting Mistakes

Is your sales copy converting as well as you need? 

If not, it may be due to making one of the common copywriting mistakes I’m going to cover in this article.

Now, I know you’re working your rear off to build your business and trying to be as successful as possible.

And there is SO much you to keep up with that sometimes when writing sales copy for your business it can be easy to overlook mistakes that could KILL exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.

So, to help you I’ve written these …

3 Common Copywriting Mistakes You May Be Making RIGHT NOW

Now, a quick word of warning.

These common copywriting mistakes I’m about to cover may seem so simple that you might be tempted to overlook them. But, trust me, they are VERY important to make your sales message as effective as possible.

In other words, take heed! Keep these common copywriting mistakes in mind whenever you are writing any kind of persuasive writing.

So, here we go!

Common Copywriting Mistake #1 – Boring Your Audience Out of Buying

It’s been said that the only thing that will REALLY hammer in the nails of your sales message’s coffin is by being BOOOOOORING.

You can get away with using really long sales copy (in fact, many say the longer the better) as long as you keep it interesting.

Now, how do you keep an even really long sales message interesting?

By speaking to the unique wants and needs of your target audience.

If you are talking to your prospect about something they legitimately care about, then it’s almost impossible to lose their attention…

… unless you go off on some unrelated tangent.

The minute you start rambling on about something your prospect is going to say “Who Cares” about…

… you might as well kiss that sale goodbye!

So, always keep your sales message 100% focused on your customers and what matters to them.

Tell interesting stories they can relate to.

Write as they talk.  Use metaphors that create a bond.  Talk with slang they commonly use.

And NEVER talk down to them. 

Always remember your customer is the LIFEBLOOD of your business and treat them with the respect they deserve.

A big part of that is respecting their time… and NOT boring them!

Common Copywriting Mistake #2 – Writing About Features and NOT Benefits

When it comes to copywriting that sells…

… It’s All About The Benefits Baby!

A VERY common mistake new copywriters make is confusing features and benefits. And then focusing the sales message on those features.

That will lead to writing a great big DUD of a sales message.

To write a truly powerful sales message the first and most important step is to identify the features of what you are selling and then turn those into BENEFITS you can highlight in your copywriting.


A feature is a physical part of what you are selling. 

A benefit is what the feature does for your customer.

A good exercise to do before any copywriting project is to carefully analyze the product or service you are going to sell and write down every single feature on one side of a piece of paper. 

Then for every feature, ask yourself: “What does this feature DO for my prospect?”

There can be multiple benefits for each feature. 

Finally, rank all of the benefits in order of importance.  The more important the benefit the higher it will be featured in your sales copy with the BIGGEST benefit being the base of your headline.

Keep in mind that the BIG BENEFIT is ultimately what makes your prospect buy.

Common Copywriting Mistake #3 – Making Your Message About YOU and Not About Your Prospect

Oh boy. This is a BIGGIE. It’s also my #1 pet peeve when it comes to ALL advertising and marketing.

I’m talking about making the almost unforgivable copywriting mistake of writing about YOU and not writing TO your prospect.

This is something that DRIVES ME NUTS!

I think it’s so common because we all are naturally self-centered. We want to feel special and have bragging rights.  A lot of time, especially in local television advertising you’ll see small business owners putting their kids… or even mother as the stars of a commercial.

Nothing about why YOU, as the potential customer should care about buying.

Just the kids or mom bragging about how “Great” their dad’s business is. Yawn.

If you’ve made this mistake yourself, I hate to break this to you. But the harsh truth is NO ONE CARES about you, or how cute your kids are… or even how sweet your dear mother is.

None of these things which are SO important to you mean SQUAT to potential customers.

Repeat after me:

  “My customer ONLY cares about what my product or service does for them!”

Every single sales message you create has to be “BUYER BENEFIT CENTRIC”.  

It HAS to be about the benefits your prospect will gain from handing over their hard-earned money to you!

In Closing: 

I hope you enjoyed this article and will be able to use the tips to create much more effective sales copy for your business.

Now, if you want to have an even greater advantage in writing advertising and marketing pieces that convert into sales I’d like to invite you to download a free digital copy of my book that reveals my step-by-step blueprint to writing headlines.  Go to https://www.subscribepage.com/howtowriteheadlines and start reading it today!


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