Expert Level Copywriting Secret Revealed

Have you ever had a great idea for an advertisement, blog post or article only to sit down at your computer to struggle over every single word you were going to write?

Maybe you had to fight with yourself “tooth and nail” just to get a few sentences down…

… but when you read them back they seemed really stiff and robotic.  

Well, don’t get down on yourself.

We’ve ALL been there.

For some reason, most of us can ramble on and on verbally with no problem at all.

Yet, when it’s time to write something down our brain often just shuts off and we end up struggling to string along a couple of basic sentences.

At least any sentences that sound anywhere near like normal conversation.

That is a BIG problem.

For some reason, we don’t naturally translate our thoughts to our fingers to get out what we want to say. So we beat ourselves up thinking we just CAN’T write and that is total nonsense.

Every one of us is capable of writing.

The truth is…

If you can talk…  


You just need to train yourself to write exactly as you talk.

Now, I know it sounds simplistic and it is…

… but it’s also EXTREMELY effective.

How do we actually accomplish this? You start by turning off your internal editor.

What I mean by that is when we are talking out loud we just let it all flow.

We don’t worry about every word before we say it.

We don’t start a sentence and then stop and start over with what we think is a better word.

We don’t worry about punctuation or concern ourselves much about what people will think about how we say things (although in many cases we should).

Nope, but when we are writing we constantly are judging every word we write. And we start. And we stop. And then we get frustrated and give up.

In his fantastic book “On Writing” Stephen King says you should always write your first draft with the door closed.

In other words, write in private and give yourself permission to just let the words flow from your mind and soul.

Do this knowing no one else is EVER going to read this so you can just relax and ENJOY the process of writing.

In fact, you can be outrageous and over the top. Even saying certain things you wouldn’t normally EVER allow to see the light of day, just to get your creative juices flowing.

Often that’s all it takes.

You just need to start the process of getting your thoughts out and then more and more are sure to follow.

Then pretty soon you have a large piece of work you can then come back to with your “Editor’s Cap” on.

This is where you would take the time to correct your grammar…

… improve sentence structure and make sure you are writing in a way which…

… CLEARLY conveys the intended message exactly how you planned it.

A shortcut you might want to try that I have seen work for many other writers is to simply SPEAK your writing project.

What I mean is, you can take either your smartphone or a word processor program like Microsoft Word (which has a speech to text feature available) and start talking about whatever is on your mind.

You just speak into the microphone and let your words come out in a conversational manner just like you were talking to a friend.

Later, you can come back and edit out any stops and stammers, or poorly worded sentences. 

I even do this once in a while. 

And I have to tell you…

speaking your writing is a GREAT way to make sure you don’t lose an idea

… as for some reason your brain will often push these things out of your mind as fast as they come in.

So, let’s say I’m out and maybe I’m driving in my car when suddenly I have a good idea for a book, blog post or article. 

I’ll hit the recorder on my iPhone and start talking away.

When I get home I’ll either send the recording to a transcription APP or I’ll listen to the recording back and take notes of everything I said.

Then I’ll make a second or third pass making sure I didn’t miss anything. And finally, I’ll edit everything one last time.

This is a GREAT way of making sure you are not stiff in your writing but rather are…


And writing like you talk is one of the secrets of being a GREAT copywriter.

Why is it SO important to Write Like You Talk in Copywriting?

It’s because when we are writing to persuade it is far more effective to speak to people as THEY speak to others and are used to others speaking to them.

If we worry too much about proper writing standards and English grammar…

… we risk losing our prospect’s attention…

… and if we lose their attention, we’ve certainly lost the chance of selling to them. At least for now. Maybe for good.

This is why a true “Ninja Level” copywriting tactic is to get to know how your intended audience speaks.

You should find out if there is any “inside” lingo or slang that only those in their niche group uses. And then make sure and drop these verbal grenades often throughout the sales letter or promotion.

It will go a LONG way in building repour with them as they will think, “Hey, this guy is one of us!”

A huge warning though, if you are going to use this tactic, make sure you do an EXTREMELY thorough job of research. Because if you get this wrong you will KILL any hope of connecting with your target audience.

I’ll give you a quick example.

I spent many years in the wrestling business and we had our own “insider” terms.

Terms which eventually (mainly, thanks to the internet) leaked to the fans and they started using them to try to seem cool, or like “one of the boys”. 

If someone would murder one of our terms it was the quickest way for this person to be ostracized from our group as it was instantly noticeable to everyone that this person was just a “wannabe”.

When trying to gain repour with your prospect you NEVER want to come off as an outsider “trying” to be like one of them just to get them to buy something.

You will be seen as manipulative at best and a con-man at worst, so…


… and make sure you are talking like they talk, and…

… that you are WRITING AS YOU TALK!

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