About Robert Sean Pascoe

 Direct Response Copywriter

Robert Sean Pascoe is a Direct Response Copywriter, Online Marketing Consultant, and Success Strategist.

As a Copywriter offering Freelance Services, Robert specializes in writing hard-hitting, persuasive sales copy that is designed to do one thing and that is to get ACTION!

What kind of action? That is up to you!

Whether you need to sign up new leads for an email marketing campaign or you want your prospect to opt in for more information or if you want them to make an immediate, positive decision right then and there to BUY your product… whatever the result is that you desire Robert is the Direct Response Copywriter that will write the copy that delivers exactly what you need!

Thanks so much for visiting my “About” page…

It really means a lot to me that you are taking some of your valuable time to learn more about me as a Direct Response Copywriter and Online Marketing Consultant and the services I offer to small business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself.

First, to tell you a little bit about me.  I was born in Providence, Rhode Island and lived there for my first 18 years before moving to Palm Harbor, Florida in 1996.

I now live in Tampa, Florida with my beautiful wife Jessica and our two (VERY SPOILED) kitties Ace and Hitch.

My wife Jessica is a marketing coordinator for an International Construction Company and is the best thing to ever happen to me.

I created this web site to be a home for my services as a Direct Response Copywriter in order to connect with clients that can use my help in creating a sales message that will get results.

If you are in need of someone to write advertising for your product or to help you create a complete marketing plan for your business I am available as a Direct Response Copywriter and Consultant on a per project basis and also as a marketing consultant and copywriting coach on a weekly or monthly contract basis.

Many copywriters that you will find online will have a huge menu of services they offer and are more or less “jack of all trades” writers.

As a Direct Response Copywriter I specialize in writing copy that sells.  In other words it persuades the reader, listener or viewer (depending on the delivery method being used) to take an immediate, positive action regarding the product being offered.

Sales letters are my favorite types of sales copy to write (as it is the most in demand and effective type of direct marketing I feel as a Direct Response Copywriter).  The sales letter was always the backbone of the Mail Order industry and it is still just as effective now as it ever has been even if it isn’t as “sexy” as things like video.

Sales Letters aren’t just for direct mail anymore.  Most successful sales pages online are really traditional long form sales letters that have been posted on a web site as a single dedicated “landing page”.

These are VERY effective in getting the sale as these pages are stripped of the distractions on most web sites and are able to tell the whole story about the benefits of a product, answer all possible objections and then really drive home both the emotional and logical reasons to buy.

Top it off with some good social proof like testimonials and then a guarantee that reverses all risk and puts the mind of your prospect at ease and you have a GREAT chance at closing the deal.

I would love to have a casual, no obligation discussion about your wants and needs and how I may be able to help you fulfill them.

Thanks So Much!

Robert Sean Pascoe, Direct Response Copywriter


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