Lessons from The Copywriting Legends – Mr. Ted Nicholas

Ted Nicholas

Robert (on the right) with Mr. Ted Nicholas

I recently had the incredible pleasure of spending three days with one of the most legendary copywriters in the world… Mr. Ted Nicholas.

Honestly, to call him just a copywriter really does not do him justice as he is SO much more including a multi-BILLION dollar self publisher.

Ted is one of the few persons I have ever met that has truly engineered life on HIS terms.

Since he opened his first of a chain of candy shop many decades ago…

… that led to him being named as one of the top young entrepreneur’s in the country and being invited to the White House to meet the President of The United States (I won’t say which one as I don’t want to give away his age)…

… to being among the highest paid direct response copywriters in the world he has been an extraordinary success.

For an incredible three days Mr. Ted Nicholas shared with our group in Tampa, Florida many of his secrets to writing billion dollar sales copy including many ways to make money by using your copywriting and marketing skills for YOURSELF as well as client but…

… as a Freelance Copywriter that primarily does do client work he gave some INCREDIBLE advice to writing the most powerful BULLETPROOF sales copy that is almost guaranteed to get the most impressive, profit pulling results for my clients as is possible.

Now, there’s no way I could get into everything that Mr.Nicholas taught me…

… (and I HIGHLY recommend that you buy one of his seminars and ALL of his books on copywriting and marketing which you can get HERE directly from Ted)…

… but the thing that really hit home with me the most that I think can be used to SUPERCHARGE anyone’s sales copy is the following:

Mr. Ted Nicholas said that before you write a single word of sales copy… you need to say to yourself…

“If I Had Unlimited God- Like Powers… What Is The Biggest Benefit I Could Possibly Give To My Prospect That This Product Could Provide.”

This hit home with me SO much that I have printed out that statement and have it pinned to me calendar above my writing desk.

Now, you have to be careful with this as you can’t promise something that is too unbelievable or that the product has no chance of fulfilling.

That said this is the PERFECT way to decide on the theme of the copy you are writing and the foundation to writing an INCREDIBLE headline.

I’ll write more soon on other lessons from Mr. Ted Nicholas but again I highly recommend investing in some of his products for yourself.


Robert Sean Pascoe

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