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How to Write Good Headlines

Here’s How To Write Good Headlines That Will Make You Money!

how to write good headlines

how to write good headlines.

You know the kind that I am talking about.  The headlines that you see lead off all really successful ads.

I know it can seem like some sort of “Voodoo Magic Secret” that is being horded by the world’s top copywriters so that they can charge boatloads of money from their clients.

The truth is…

… There IS a Secret…

… It DOES Work Like Magic…

… But I’m NOT Going to Keep It From You… The SECRET is…

If You Want To Know How To Write Good Headlines You Need To Know These Simple Tips

In sales there is a formula that goes back probably a hundred years or more and its called the AIDA formula which stands for:

A = Attention

I = Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

These are the steps to the perfect sales pitch whether you are doing in person selling or in writing a sales letter, email or any other kind of modern day communication.

These will also really help you when learning how to write good headlines.

What we want to concentrate on is the first of these which is attention as…

The Headline Is The Advertisement For Your Advertisement…

It’s Job Is To Grab The Attention Of Your Ideal Prospect And Then To Hook Them Into Reading The Rest Of Your Sales Pitch!

After you grab the attention of your reader you need to take aim at hitting all of their “hot buttons” that will keep them awake at night until they have given in and bought your product.

You accomplish this through good, old fashioned research.  John Carlton calls it being a “Sales Detective”.  You really need to dig deep into finding out everything you can, not just about the product you are writing about and why it does what it does. But everything you can about WHO you are writing to.

In other words, you need to create a 3D image of your ideal customer in your mind. Then through speaking to them directly, through a survey or by lurking in online forums you find out everything that you can that is important to them.  You find out what’s keeping them up at night.

So we’ve established that the headline’s job is to grab the attention of your prospect and then get them to read the rest of your copy so how exactly do we do that?

There is an old saying that goes something like this…

“Promise, Great Promise Is The Heart Of Advertising.”

Basically, there is a school of thinking that every advertisement and thus headline should be built around a BIG, BOLD PROMISE.

In many cases that would be true but there are actually many different ways to approach the challenge of how to write good headlines and each is worthy of studying.

Legendary Copywriter Eugene Schwartz in his book “Breakthrough Advertising” talks about the different degrees of your prospect’s awareness and how that effects the approach to writing your headline.

The more aware your prospect is of his needs, his wants and of your product and what it will do for them the more direct you can be with your headline and the promise that it will make.

The Less Aware Your Prospect Is Than The Less Direct Your Headline Should Be

It’s not just important to know what your prospect’s biggest wants, needs or desires are but you need to know what they already know about what you are offering and also how many other products similar to yours have already been presented to them.

Once you know what your prospect knows you build your headline and ad from their perspective.

If they are already aware of your product and they know it is something they want you build your headline and ad around the offer. If the price is right and they know there is no risk involved then it is easy to get them to buy.

If your prospect knows of your product but hasn’t been convinced that they want it then you want to build your headline and ad around pointing out the superiority of your product and what they will lose out on if they do not buy.

In a case where your prospect knows they have a problem, want, need or desire but they do not know about your product and that it will fulfill what they need… then you build your headline and ad around their problem and prove your product as the solution to that problem.

The hardest of situations is where your prospect is completely unaware of your product or that they even have a problem, want, need or desire that your product would fill.

Mr. Schwartz taught that in this case you must start with the market itself. You build the headline and ad around what is important to them.

Show that you “feel their pain” and then after you have connected with them on an emotional level… position your product as their savior and you will never be able to go wrong with writing any advertisement and especially with the all important task of how to write good headlines that REALLY does the heavy lifting of bringing your prospect in so you can give them the FULL sales pitch.

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Robert Sean Pascoe